Improvement and suggestions for my dragon team

Hello everyone,

I was lucky enough to get a dragon soul from this week’s event and started to use it in pvp in the following team with abyssal banner:

Dragon Soul

I use Asha only for the event, besides that she(?) seems to be only dead weight as she is completely mana blocked. I can’t remember to have cast her even once. I really like Soothsayer though for the empowered board manipulation even though he’s not a dragon :slight_smile: Any suggestions for the last spot for next week when the event is over? I thought maybe Shadowdragon, but is the magic link a good enough reason to be a valid pick?

I’m also open for any other suggestions or improvements on the team (besides the obvious traiting, I’m already desperately farming for the stones to trait Krystenax, but with pretty poor luck).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Dragon team is probably Nax Nax TDS Sylv if you have them. Abyssal banner.

Unfortunately I have neither a second Krystenax nor Sylvanimora. That team also looks a little slow to begin with, I mean the dragons all need quite a bit of mana and with a bad board setup it looks like it might take a while to get the team up and running. But I might be mistaken as I am just theorizing.

You just rush purple/red to get TDS up whilst enchanting 2x krys. Once you get TDS exploding, you don’t struggle for mana or speed.

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Agree. Charge TDS first and it all ends pretty quickly as you fill so much aoe damage. Vulnerable of course to mana drain and meta crap but this team will get you through the early and mid game on easy mode. Sylvanimora is important for the entangle trait.

If you’ve got Nax and TDS you can get a decent starting team with Dragotaur / Nax / TDS / Venbarak, for example.

Krys, Krys, TDS (with the +2 purple, +1 red, -1 yellow banner)
That’s the thing that rolls. First you do is matching purple to get the enchantment running. Then load TDS if possible.

the 4th troop is exchangeable, so put anything there (I have Asha there too this week) or you adapt the 4th slot for your opponent. Like Mab when facing Goblins and Wisp teams (although that team isn’t good vs Wisp teams). But what troops to use in what situation comes from experiences. Sylv is good when facing skull teams. A third Krys can be done too.

I think with only one Krys this team is like a one legged runner.

First thing most ppl do with TDS is building a soul farm team (TDS +3 necro troops). For Explore.

Dragotour up top is also pretty good for a dragon soul team. Worth a try along with the dragonian monk. Add another heavy hitting dragon and you’re good to go.

Dragon Monk is a good addition.
He has different colors, protects the team, gather mana, and will cascade extra turn once you get the hang of it.
And with Asha and TDS, you get a nice +3 Mystic bonus

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