Help making this TDS team stronger/faster?

Hey all,

I’m currently running this team as my main and looking for help to to make it stronger/faster.

Giant Spider**
Dragon Soul*

I’ve been using this team to farm souls with TDS and Warlock’s Necromancy trait. It’s been doing a great job of it. It’s actually my fastest team right now, but I feel like it could be better. For instance, I rarely find myself using Warlock’s ability, and i’m using Spider & Banshee to feed TDS. (And right now TDS is only doing 11 damage per hit at its current level…)

I suspect Warlock is my weak link here. Any tips for swapping him (or any of the others) out to get this team hitting harder? Forget the soul farming aspect — can always come back to this configuration if I want to farm more souls.


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Replace Giant Spider with Krystenax, Banshee with Sylvanimora or Dragotaur, and the last slot can be Shadow Dragon or Venbarak. If you don’t have either then Giant Spider will work


TDS spell damage is boosted by dragon allies. So if you want to make your TDS as main AoE damage dealer, put full-dragon deck there. The arguably best and most common dragon deck is Krystenax - Sylvanimora - TDS - Shadow Dragon / Venbarak. But I’ve also tried using TDS in my low level account with Dragotaur - TDS - Dragonette - Dragon Egg and it works amazing. One TDS cast usually enough to wipe entire enemy team with 2k or lower score in PvP.

You can also put TDS as exploder / mana generator. I usually pair it with Gorgotha. Both works very well, can fill each other every turn. I share some of the teams here:

Your team is good, has synergy and cover all 6 mana colors. If I may ask, do you have any other dragons troop? What level are you now?

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Basically this. Top-tier Dragon Soul teams just vaporize everything and you net 34-40 souls per battle just from having Dragon Soul cast 2-3 times. Having other soul-generating troops (or Necromancy) isn’t necessary. If you get 30 souls (for simplicity) in 3 minutes vs 60 in 6 minutes, the former is getting you more battles won for the same souls. Not to assume you’re doing 6 minute battles. But if you speed up the battles, you speed up everything.

4 Dragons (can include duplicates) boosts Dragon Soul to 20 damage regardless of your level (and everything else). Krystenax is more powerful and has complementing colors, Sylvanimora is similar but with utility. Venbarak and Shadow Dragon have Magic Link.


In addition to the great teams (and advice) already given, another good dragon team (and one of my faves) is Krystenax, Krystenax, TDS, Sylvanimora. This works best if you have Krystenax’s 3rd trait and can be both very fast and very devastating. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Gorgotha/Krystenax/TDS trio for a while and it absolutely rocks. It’s now part of my regular invade rotation. 4th position is the Aunt Doris slot, you can fit virtually any other troop in that spot and the team is still effective. I usually use the flavor of the week (Lady Ironbeard is an incredible sniper) or another dragon such as another Nax or Salad Dragon.


Thanks for these! Going to try out some of your Gorgotha mixes as well. Though the power stat of those teams are (for me) around 4,700-4,900, while the team I described is up around 5,400. Not sure if that really matters if you manage to get the mana to pull off the chains.

I have lots of dragons. Though I am missing Sylvanimora. No mythics at all. I’m currently level 79.

I’ll have to give this a try as well!

Oh i’ve been up against a 2x Krystenax with that 3rd trait… I need more runestones…

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Ah! I hadn’t thought of the fact that i could get fewer souls per match if i am able to fit in more matches per play session. Smart.

The power stats don’t really mean much in that regard; and actually, if your team is underpowered compared to your opponent’s team, you’ll get more gold from the match when you win. :slight_smile:


I use

Warlock ( fully traited, legendary)

Play on warlord I with celestial armor and can net 270 souls per game…

FLAG: Vampire or Abyssal

if I get in trouble or can’t launch TDS, just start killing troops with warlock to get the match over with.

This is both an excellent post (it’s almost as if Nax was made blue/green to fit with Gorgotha/TDS)… and a sign I’ve made my Aunt Doris globally famous :slight_smile:

Heh I liked the description so I went with it! Was thinking, even though most any troop can fit in the 4th slot, some are more effective than others. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites Aunts to fill in the 4th spot in the Gorgotha/Krystenax/Dragon Soul triad:

  1. Krystenax - having a 2nd Nax is pretty much my default lineup. This troop has one of the best regular AoE dmg/mana cost ratios in the game currently. 3rd trait is super useful in last slot since Nax can collect mana as you’re cycling thru explosions and bejeweled spells. Dragon class also gives TDS an extra boost. I’m now a big fan of the gem color removal, can really hinder troops like Valk and Bone Dragon.

  2. Sylvanimora - Salad Dragon offers decent AoE and mana collection. 3rd trait helps keep Gorgotha alive longer (not that he needs it usually) so I may sub Salad in if I’m facing BD or Mab Justice skull spam. Unique Dragon class helps TDS plus gives a minor team boost.

  3. New Troop/Event flavor of the week - of course some troops fit better than others (Lady Ironbeard was an excellent sniper for example). I’ll shoehorn the new troop in for a bit just to test it out or if it gives an Event Bonus that I wish to pursue.

  4. Pharos Ra - probably the best Mythic to fill this spot. Mana cost is a bit expensive but he’s an excellent one-shot sniper after TDS explodes once or twice. Nax can also manipulate the board to give Pharos a good yellow to purple conversion cascade. I think the upcoming Red Bull Mythic will be a decent sniper too, will need testing.

  5. Behemoth- decent AoE plus a little mana collection makes him a good choice, however I choose him for the Impervious trait. I’ll sub Behemoth in if I’m facing a team that attempts to rush Kraken. Last slot Impervious shuts it down entirely!

There are so many others (Kraken, Mab, Hero with AoE weapons like Black Manacles, Creeping Death and such) but those are my favorite Aunt Doris’s :wink:

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Exploring on difficulty Warlord 3, I use one of these two teams:

(abyss banner)

Sacrificial Priest
(abyss banner)

The use of Priest here is great because the buffing from Dragonator increases the damage S.P. can do. Allowing you to finish off a few remaining troops.

There are NO teams with THREE NECRMANCY TROOPS, that gain more souls per hour than those with 2 necromancy troops. The reason is simple, you still need to do the soul generation. By using TDS with a second Dragon you greatly increase the speed at which you can kill the opposing team. Dragonator and Kryst both help generate mana for TDS and do lots of damage as well.

If doing soul farming on WL1 (any lower difficulty wont let you get off 3 TDS souls)

Sacrificial priest

On average these teams are 20-40 seconds faster than those using triple necro teams. AND this is at a higher difficulty that yields more souls.