Dragon Soul PvP team (video)

A nice team thought around The Dragon Soul. (Sorry for the low audio quality)

Abyssal Banner

Giant Spider *(**)
Sylvanimora ***
The Dragon Soul (***)
DRACOS 1337 (***)

Great for PvP, while also capping souls. There’s a lot of explanation in the video, in case you’re wondering why I made some of these choices.


I have a team that uses these exact colors:
Green Slime*
The Dragon Soul***
Shadow Dragon*

Abyssal Banner. Dragon Soul leads into everything, everything leads into Dragon Soul. Very rarely do you get a board after the explosion where Dragon Soul can’t just be instantly refilled, be it from a single match, convert, or explode from one of the others, and that is if the amount of purples you got from your prior convert to fill him aren’t enough to just fill him up from the explosion and subsequent cascade. If you have a match 5 lined up for Shadow Dragon, it is basically a free action - a single match 5 and match 3 from his convert generates between 19 and 22 mana, often enough to top Dragon Soul and fill himself right back up to be used again after the next explode.

That team looks good as well. :slight_smile:

If you have seen my topic about Death Mark activation ratio, you’ll probably understand why I made it absolutely sure that I had DRACOS 1337 in my team :smile:

I use that team except with Gorgotha in front. So much kaboom!


I run with:

Dragotaur / Sylvanimora
Dragon Soul
Shadow Dragon

(Abyssal Banner).


I use:

Dragon Soul*

Sometimes use Celestasia* instead of Borealis but find it doesn’t really add much.

I use Dragotaur, Celestasia, Dragon Soul, Dragon Soul. The second DS occasionally gets swapped for Dragonian Rogue

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I forgot to mention that I put TDS on position 3 in order to potentially protect him from Emperor Khorvash.

I’ve been using combinations of all of these. TDS is a really cool troop.

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I use Giant Spider instead of slime. It’s more consistent, cheaper to cast and that way you get 2 magic link troops. With SD & GS both having magic link plus the abyssal banner you get 7 purple mana from a single match 3; 10 with a surge.

I sometimes use Borealis up front just for freezing fun, but it’s much slower to get started if the purples and reds aren’t readily available to charge TDS.