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Dragon Soul team

So I managed to pull a dragon soul today which I’m very happy with but I’m just really not sure what kind of team to have it in. Obviously for full potential it should be all dragon but I’m missing some of the really good dragons such as bone dragon, celestasia, borealis and sheggra so basically I’m wondering what I should put in the line up? I’m close to level 200 btw. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

My favorite dragon soul team is

The dragon soul
Dragos l33t (he’s easily exchanged for your preference)
Abyssal banner

An easier alternative is
Celestia ( fully traited)
Drake rider
Dragon soul

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i recommend some magic link traits, like banshee venbarak or even shadow dragon, some banner like abysmal or dragon banner and 2 of those links makes the dragon soul fills really fast

i use this for pvp:

sylvanimora ***
the dragon soul *
banshee *
venbarak **
+abysmal banner

and this explore:

the dragon soul
aziris ***
aziris ***

so far works great for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Any replacement for Gorgotha? Since sadly I don’t actually have one.

PVP team sounds good I’ll try it thanks. Will it still work fine with Venbarak as an epic and Banshee at ultra rare? I haven’t been able to ascend them any further yet.

yes, just if u get the links from them
i rarely cast venbarak, he picks the leftover blues but i put priority on ds then sylva to cast as they refill each other, and keep ven in case if those two got mana drained and/or u need extra damage

If you don’t have gorgotha, you should use the second team I posted. It’s pvp ready. Just make sure you fully trait celestia because otherwise she’s too squishy.

I like gorgotha because that team is fun with board control. And she’s really Tanky fully traited.

OP said “missing Celestia”…

Dragon soul (with 2 traits)
Giant Spider
Keeper of souls (Necromancy trait)
Death (Necromancy trait)

works well for soul farming when playing againts lower score

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Well I’ve been using the line up you said with just one change(shadow dragon instead of banshee for the dragon boost) and I’ve never had so much fun on this game before. Thanks a lot for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Humility (Fully traited I’m afraid)
Dragon Soul

Humility is there to be hit by skulls activating his 3rd trait.
Sylvani and TDS fill one another up along with Behemoth who will get you the last one or two gems you need.
All three hit all enemies and give mana.

I cast Humility occasionally if I’m against a much higher level opponent with everything maxed.
One magic buff and Sylvani + Behemoth are doing 30+ damage to all and TDS is exploding the whole board.

Whoops my reading skills are a little off.

Oh well, I’ve provided two teams to work towards :stuck_out_tongue:
The legendaries will all be found with time

Good luck on the hunt!

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I use a similar explore/soul farm team

Warlock (necromancy) as a damage absorbing hay bale
Dragon soul
Kerberos (necromancy)
Death (necromancy)

Last 2 could be exchanged for any necromancy traited troops

Warlord 2 explore, 3 ds casts = 315 souls :yum: