Best Dragon team?

So far my best dragon team set-up is:

Dragon Soul

This team isn’t that bad so far, got more wins that defeats, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen better though.

Dragon Soul
Shadow Dragon/Venbarak

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Does it have to be 100% dragons?

Because the best dragon team I use is Humility / Sylva / TDS / Venbarak.

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I would say the same except fourth slot can be pretty much any dragon. Whatever I put there, I pretty-much never use. For the record, I’m putting Emperina there since her full heal, cleanse and buff attack/life comes in handy the odd time that the opponent gets a crazy series of drops and kills (or nearly kills) Celestasia before I get a chance to do anything.

I use Venbarak there because he does AOE damage that scales with Magic. If I were to remove Humility, I might use something else there.

Basically Celestasia/TDS/Salad Dragon/ then anything else in 4th slot. Personally I like to use Draco Leet for the silence, drain and possible insta-kill.

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I’m with Stan. I also like Emperina because she’s the only dragon with fire link. So with the Abysmal banner, you get +2 to both purple and red.

I also consider using dragon egg so if Celestia dies you can easily replace her. And it works nicely having yellow mana, since Sylvanimora or Dragon Soul don’t use that color.

But the fire link really helps ensure you get dragon soul up quickly.


Do you really need another AOE attack? I find once I fire TDS once, she pretty much feeds herself. The odd-time that it doesn’t refill all the way, I cast Sylvanimora to pick up the last bit of mana I need (and also do another round of AOE). I honestly couldn’t ever see myself needing Venbarak back there…

Well Venbarak offers magic link, is another consideration.

In high level PVP against multiple Horsemen, for example, Sylvanimora can sometimes die. Being able to have another dragon that can do 45 damage to all enemies can be the difference between victory and defeat.

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I agree than most dragons will easily accommodate the 4th slot.

I use one of those two because they have magic link. It then comes down to preference. Transform gems to fill TDS or a third troop to do AOE damage.

The dragon soul.

That thing on its own can kill every and any team and i almost feel silly for asking for korvash nerfs (which are still completely legitimate) with this stupid bullshit in the game.

And the worst is almost every deck in every pvp selection i see has it.

We have finally entered the fotm phase of this game where strategy is void and all that matters is owning the latest op card.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to give a card 80 damage in an easily oriented (especially since most dragon cards are legendaries and op to begin with, sheggra for instance) deck, refill both himself and everyone in the deck, and survive almost every fucking death you lay on it alltogether should simply be fired from the design team. This person has no idea how to maintain any sense of balance in this game whatsoever.