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Dragon Soul, Aziris x 3, best place to farm souls

Just discovered a nice spot to farm souls.
Pan’s Vale, Sonata challenge. It has:

  1. Empowered Siren, which creates 9 gems of your troops color (Red and Purple) right off the bat.
  2. Banshee, which creates Red.
  3. Sylvasi, which creates Purple.

They also feed on Purple and Red too, so there will be A LOT of them on the board. Even if enemy hits 4+ matches with Siren’s cast, they will immediately produce more Purple and Red gems for you.

You will never struggle with initial board setup.

Monsters’ stats are not too high, they can be wiped out with 2 casts except for one troop, which is convenient. You can quickly kill him with skull poke or with 3rd TDS cast, gaining additional 20-30 souls.

Previously I farmed souls in explore, which kinda sucks due to Mythic and Legendary enemies with high stats and unlucky board setups.


That’s really useful, thank you!

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I use Darkstone, first challenge. First troop is a Fortress gate so it can’t hit you with skulls. I use the same team, collect purple gems and in two turns, TDS is ready.

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The downside that I noticed is that the Hag has the Jinx trait. You will get half as many surges. You can try Broken Spire’s 4th challenge, but it has troop that removes Red.

Nice find. I personally prefer to use Elspeth, Dragon Soul, Zombie, Zombie on my lower level account for generally fast to farm souls and effortless enough for explores while still giving a decent amount of souls.

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That’s only +100% souls instead of 150%, but it’s cheaper and quicker. And less stressful in the long run.

Most excellent find, @netwizard. I use TDS, Banshee, Pharos-Ra, & Aziris w/ Abyssal banner to farm souls. Works a treat in the Sonata challenge. :blush:

I did 200k souls in 24 hours with TDS Aziris x3 =) Who needs Pharos Ra?

Netwizard, to make myself clear: I was expressing appreciation for your sharing your hidey hole for soul farming with us. In no way was my sharing my farming team meant to disparage yours. The “who needs Pharos-Ra” sounds as though you took my post n a negative way.

While I am able to ramp up the difficulty (and as a result–number of souls) in Explore, I am thrilled to be able to farm quickly without the drama of explore in Sonata.

Thanks for your recommendation.

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