GoW Database: Bosses page added


Have fun!


This one in particular amuses me:


I prefer this one: http://ashtender.com/gems/bosses/6434

Yikes. Okay, mental note: don’t let it cast.

This one scares me the most… http://ashtender.com/gems/bosses/6440 (3rd trait as well as spell)


I miss the true when I read it the 1st time…


Isn’t too bad at base value. Assuming those are the exact stats it starts with, Gard’s Avatar starts with 22 true damage to all enemies and gains 2 true damage every cast, meaning it is at a 24 minimum. With drain spam, he won’t be much an issue.

Also, thanks again Lyya!

You forget the armor bonus…


Where does it gain the 2 damage every cast from?

Oh, my bad, I didn’t see his specifically says when he takes yellow gems. Only read the 4 armor part without reading the rest assuming it was same premise of noraml Gard.

I just noticed something funny.

The dungeon version of Bone Dragon is just Bone Dragon pre-nerf, lol. :smiley:


It also has a typo! “Destroy up all Armor from an enemy.” Copy/paste will do that to ya!

(@Saltypatra FYI for a future strings pass)

That’s how Wulfy’s spell should read in the first place.

I don’t see the difference for super Death’s spell…

I just double-checked the source, and you are correct. There appears to be no difference to Death’s and Eternal Death’s spell. Odd.

Interestingly, Eternal Stonehammer appears to be immune to Bullseye. I’ve seen it trigger several times and he doesn’t die. The 100% Skull reduction seems to be a hard counter to instant-death procs.

EDIT: Whew, that was a long battle. Next time I bring a gun to this knife fight.


Oddly, my skull matches consistently did one damage to Eternal Stonehammer. Did you see that also?

Yes, I did. Whittled him down to zero 1 point at a time :confused:

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My first team, when I was a young player…:anguished:

You should add Wisp to this page @Lyya. :wink:

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