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Dungeon Bosses Stat boosts

Eternal Death showed up at level 40 for me, but your website only has stats up to 20. How does the game determine the stat bonuses for the second two mega-bosses?

Yikes, I guess I haven’t been paying attention. Does anyone have a pre-combat screenshot of a >20 boss troop?

Technically the second and third battle each day should be Level 30 and 40 respectively. I’ll post some screenshots of today’s in a minute. Though I think Mega-Death is probably bugged or they missed some change with him. There is too little different for him.

Level 30 Bone Dragon:

Level 40 Death:

EDIT: @Lyya and @Grundulum looks like +5 Attack, +10 Life, +10 Armor and +5 Magic per 10 level increase?


Heh. Now I have Symphony of Destruction in my head.

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I lose track of which bosses are Mega, Eternal, King, SuperAwesomeHeros :stuck_out_tongue:

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Relative to level 20, it looks like:

A level 30 boss has +5 Attack, +10 Life, +10 Armor, and +5 Magic.
And a level 40 boss has +10 Attack, +20 Life, +20 Armor, and +10 Magic.

Will need some more data to confirm before I hack this into my site.

Are dungeon bosses always level 30 and 40, or are they lower-level to low-level players?

EDIT: Corrected by @Ozball!

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I believe they are always the same levels (with the first boss being level 20) but I would love to hear from lower level players about it.

The magic values seem off… I’m seeing +5 on level 30 and +10 on level 40. (Death has 9 base, 19 at 40, BD has 4 base and 9 on 30). I think it’s +5 Attack, +10 Life, +10 Armor and +5 Magic per 10 level increase.

Also while Bone Dragon’s stats seem slightly different to Mega Bone Dragon, Death and Mega Death are exactly the same (at level 20 according to your site Lyya)

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Right, I could probably read the Magic value instead of the Mana cost.


(It’s been a long day.)

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If they don’t ever appear at < level 20, I will remove that info from my site. Need someone to confirm though.

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Lyya, it looks like all four troops appear at the specified level, and with the bonuses mentioned above. Only the “boss” gets a trait/spell boost, though. At least, that’s what I noticed from the final dungeon today. Can you or @Ozball check that for the first two?

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Ack, I’ve done my dungeons for the day so can’t check any more :frowning: I was doing my dungeons as…

Nevermind… I just looked at the time and saw that reset had happened. Give me a few.

Yeah they all seem to be level 30-40



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Also moved this all to a new topic since it was getting off topic in the other one, and this keeps the stuff separate.

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Yes, it does appear that all troops in a dungeon show up at level 20/30/40.

I’ve updated my bosses pages to reflect their stats at levels 20, 30, and 40, since other levels are irrelevant. I don’t plan to add level 30 or 40 columns to other troops as they’re crowded already, and that would give a misleading impression that you could somehow attain that level with those troops.

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