Gard's current event OP combo

seriously… from bottom to top… Gards avatar, Bishop, apothecary, alchemist.

Alch and Apoth power up Bishop and Gards… Bishop empowers Gards ability…

commence face melt. the enemy team does not make it past two Gard abilities. every. Just did a run, 66 dmg to all enemies first time around, boosted twice more… and who knows what that damage would have been… there was only one enemy left.

Is this actually new? Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard has been super-powerful for as long as he’s been in the game, and even then, two casts would finish any match.


I’ve been using it with the brown GW troop into empowered princess for 1 cast wipes on 1 and 2 trophies.


It’s not new, I’m just remarking in regards to the current event. Gard begins with 71 armor, Bishop boosting that and his magic. Even more insane. the only issue is famines or targeted mana drains.

Guess I got lucky… I pulled My Gard’s Avatar literally a week into starting to play this game. I did not know the beauty of what fell into my lap. =D

Used Bishop’s ability twice on Gard, got him full mana and proceeded to do 73 dmg to each enemy. only one was left with 2 health lol

Just be happy it does not make for a strong defense. I use High Paladin, Gard, Bishup, Paladin.


High Paladin in bottom position?

High Paladin on top. I use both Paladins to clean up survivors.

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Makes sense, I just powered him up. Holy armor in first position 40% less dmg from skulls. nice man.

Barrier. Move along.

Priestess instead of paladin? what is your comment referring to sir.

Agree with @lyya, this is hardly news.

It’s nice to have a week where the 50% stat boost helps players rather than screwing them over. Gard is strong, and cool to use, but never a threat on the AI defence team. Just wait for +50% SpiritFox week…

Putting Bishop into the team is hardly an OP combo. Far quicker, easier and more controlled without him, and he clashes colours with Hellcat. I grudgingly take Bishop with me into easier fights for the +5 Glory.

In a normal week with the loop team @Lyya mentions, two Gard casts will wipe most boards. This week, with 50% stat gain and a buff from a Bishop spell, it still takes two casts. Hardly game-changing.

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actually, im one cast wiping all boards. bishop buffs twice while gards gains mana. on rare occasion there may be a troop left.

I’m lucky then, loop hellcat and alchemist and I have two gard’s to cast one after the other. Famine is history and about the only time I can say that.

Nothing new. I’ve been two-shotting teams with Gard (backed by Ysabelle and TDS) since he came out.

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