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Good defense teams?

I spent the last couple of days training up Behemoth. I’ve been using an invade team of:

Khorvash / Valk / Mercy / Behemoth

Extremely effective against just about everything. However, since I know Mercy is pretty bad in the hands of the AI, I switched it up to:

Khorvash / Valk / Behemoth / Hydra

All troops have all 3 traits. It seems like I’m simply not generating enough blue mana to charge Hydra and his traits aren’t all that great. Any slight tweaks I could make to improve the win rate?

Is crimson bat not more useful than behemoth? Considering khorvash does true damage

Probably. I haven’t tried him yet. Would I scrap Hydra too and try something else with True Damage in that spot?

Is there a green/purple one?

Venoxia for blue gems?

Or Psion has blue/purple

Venoxia, good call. Going to work on traits for her.

That 3rd trait sounds very useful to the team. Might steal them once I get Khorvash

She does true damage and generates blue mana so that makes her pretty useful. Not sure what to plug into the other slot though. Maybe I’ll leave Behemoth.

Thought it was Crimson Bat

oh yeah, i suppose I could do that.

I just got Mab the other day. Her 3rd trait could be quite annoying in that kind of setup.

Almost wonder if putting Maw in my invade team might be better than Behemoth.

Marilith and Crimson Bat are nasty to add to Khorvash’s true damage. Overall you want to avoid running true and non-true damage on the same team since its inefficient.

That’s exactly what I figured. Would you do Venoxia with one of them, probably Bat?

Waiting for Mab on console. First time I have the traitstones waiting. Moderately excited

Right now, because both of them have the capability to generate mana, I’m going with a lineup of:

Khorvash / Green Seer / Venoxia / Marilith

We’ll see how it works once I get them traited.

Venoxia is useful but the true damage component isn’t stellar. If you’re using a Valkyrie or a Green Seer, its OK to have a color or two missing from your team, since the transformers will tend to try to transform the one/s you don’t use.

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And I just got my first defense victory with them. 1 for 1. :smiley:

So I ended up focusing on Crimson Bat, since Arcane Bloods are available via Glory this week.

The current lineup I’m using is:

Khorvash / Valk / Bat / Anubite

I settled on Anubite because I already had him leveled and traited, so:

  1. He buffs all other troops.
  2. He summons a fortress gate in the event that Khorvash dies, protecting the Bat.
  3. His buff to armor removes all skulls, further protecting my troops from damage.
  4. He gives a +3 to armor when defending.

Spirit Fox. Green/purple. Removes all yellow gems, does 13 true damage boosted by gems removed. Also has stealthy and empowered for its second and third traits. One of my favorites.

Doesn’t Spirit Fox stymie Valkyrie though? I want to make sure Khorvash gets filled as quickly as possible, he’s my primary offensive weapon.