Best Justice team?

Okay, so when the Guardians finally hit console, I was excited to try out some Justice teams…after some reading it looks like the best combo is

Valk ***
Justice *
Mab ***

For the first slot I’ve tried several different things - Gorgotha, Manticore, Emperor Khorvash (No desert Mantis for console yet, but doesn’t seem that great of a troop tbh) - But I have to say so far this team is pretty underwhelming compared to my team of: Emperor Khorvash, Valk, Mab, Mercy. I’ve lost about 1 out of maybe 500 matches with that team, and I’ve already lost 3 invades out of about 50 with the Justice team. Am I missing something? Is there some really good troop to put in the first slot to make the team work a lot better? Or are justice teams simply overhyped?I find that a 3x Spirit Fox team just decimates the Justice team.

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Justice is already mythic? Cause i think he create more gems when you change rarity

He doesn’t create more gems as far as I know, he just gives you more stats on his cast as his magic goes up

Well i have no clue then, i am also testing couple team with gardians and i found nothing spectacular yet

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A key part of the team is that it requires Mab’s third trait as Justice’s buffs get stronger with each Frozen Enemy. I’ve been running Borealis instead of Mab lately since I don’t have her third trait. Also I run Keeper of Souls in the first slot as he doesn’t overlap any colours. Not the best option, but I don’t have Korvash or anything so shrugs

I have Mab’s third trait. 100% of the losses so far seem to have been a bad board start and not being able to get my troops’ mana up enough. It’s tempting to place Mercy as the 4th troop to see if I can address this, but then we are relying 100% on Mab to do damage and won’t do shit against stuff immune to Mana burn. At that point you have to get your loop going and finish enemies with skulls. Spirit Fox or Manticore totally ruin it as well. Justice’s low life makes it extremely susceptible to true damage and has been one-shotted before. Even with several of my wins, they have been down to the wire.

You didn’t mention level or traits. I can only tell you from my own experience, I really didn’t start having full success with the Justice team until I had Mab fully traited. The freeze is op once you get justice rolling. I use Mantis in my team (I know you don’t have it) I don’t use Korvash since he blocks Justice. I know others have has sucess with him but I have not. I don’t know the cards well enough for what creates blue while still being tanky, but basically Mantis feeds Val, who feeds Justice and then Justice buffs mantis and feeds herself plus Mab. Inifinite loop. We all go home happy. Mantis (again I know you don’t have it) traited for armour, Val and Mab are fully traited for water link and freeze respectively. Justice doesn’t even need to be traited though I thnk I have 1 or 2 levels into it.

On PC, I use Kraken/Snow Guardian up front. Kraken mostly for a chance to devour.

On ps4 I have Kerberos but don’t really care of this. If I had gorgotha fully traited on ps4, I would use him. Use your valk to fill justice/mab while getting 2-3 freezes off. Then use justice on skulls. It will usually loop and give your first troop a ton of life/attack. Keep looping justice. If you miss, the enemy is usually frozen and will get 1 or 2 turns and then you are back to looping. Your life will be so high on the first troop, missing doesn’t hurt that much. Mab is mostly there just to freeze on match 4s. I think this team is just as broke on offense as bone dragon is on defense.

Can also search for any troop with “Shatter”, doing double damage to frozen enemies. Since the enemy is likely to be frozen…

My low level uses Soothsayer to cover the remaining colors and charge Valk faster. Its actually best not to use blue, red, or yellow at all in the first slot (Mercy might be okay with the right banner, though, if you have her empowered), because the entire team is predicated use Valk convert to get some enemies frozen, then immediately using Justice to massively boost stats and freeze them even more, possibly looping. If you run into impervious or mana shielded enemies, just make skulls after you cast Justice a couple times.

Well i tried couple of these team and imo it is too slow, maybe for early or middle players it is a good team but over 1000 ,
Everything mythic exept guardian and all traited and it’s suck big time

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I find it WAY too luck dependent for my tastes. You can do everything right and still have guardian miss completely leaving your opponent a primed board.


I’ve used Sylvanimora in first slot for the Entangle, Khorvash for his combo of stat affects and Desert Mantis for the creation of blue and yellow and I have to agree with @Rasper. No matter the troop you use in first slot the team is dependant on Justice to boost everyone and also on your own luck with gem creation. My luck is awful when it comes to that. Justice probably leaves the board with 4’s and 5’s for the enemy to fill his team at least 50% to 60% of the time. I am not blaming the game or the coding or anything here mind you, it’s just my luck with random gem creation. Same reason I don’t use Jarl and he is a pretty powerful troop . . . . . IF you can get him going.

You can always play what I call my

Bone Dragon Crutch Team!
BR / BL banner
Bone Dragon

All with full traits. Does nothing on defense, well it might, I try to set fun defense teams. Facing endgame players, with max armor is where this just chews through them. Pretty dull to play, but until Bone Dragon and Courage get adjusted, I keep it around when I don’t want to play with thought.

Until I get Mab fully traited, this is my current Justice team.

Snow Sprite

Works pretty good for me.

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Maybe i will try it one day when people will be tired of manticore, i only see these team… can’t wait to get the last pc/mobile nerf so people choose another troop it is kind of pathetic right now

Yep when it comes to Justice I have either a very quick win or get screwed with Justice leaving 4-5matches all over the board.

Don’t mind using on w4 explore though and seem to have better luck.

This week you cannot beat golem up front. Absolutely crushes

I have the hero with Bullseye and Black Manacles on first slot.
I get some lucky 1 shots and it doesn`t matter if you are entangled, Bullseye works the same.
The team is :
Hero with Bullseye + Black Manacles
Queen Mab***
I ended up with 50% losses on defense and lots of easy wins :slight_smile:

I do find all guardians to be very overhyped.
They can make a strong team but are balanced by the luck based element, in my opinion. It can be a risky gamble (one that I’ve lost countless times) to fire Justice in particular, whose traits are useless and you only aim to spam the skill.

With that said, my favorite Justice team:

All fully traited. I wanted a nice loop team that generated souls and used kraken because I like his third trait a lot.

It’s not the best team but it is fun to play for me. And it doesn’t lose any more than a typical justice team from my experience.