Best Justice team?

I use


Everyone is frozen right away cause double freezr with two maba.

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Interesting team, but I feel like a bad board could result in Valk getting killed by skulls.

I’ve tried Gorgotha, Valkyrie, Justice, Queen Mab, all fully treated except Justice. To go fast, you want to create skulls with Justice or else you must rely on Mab for damage. It’s really a luck based team, which is screwed by Sylvanimora blocking skull spam or impervious blocking Mab. But it’s a no brain team. No real play decision, just spam Justice over and over and when you miss, Gorgotha is the best to soak the skull damage.

I’ve played with this team, true damage (from Spirit fox say) targeting Justice basically loses you the match though.

I have never lost with Bone Dragon/ Valk/ Justice/ Mab but I wouldn’t take that team out against 3 x spirit fox. There isn’t really a one size fits all team and you need a few attack teams to cope with different defenders.

Against 3 x spirit fox you need a team that doesn’t rely one one troop in the way that the Justice team does. It also can’t rely on gathering yellow mana at the beginning of the game which is the best way to play the Justice team. Most other true damage troops aren’t such an issue because they aren’t empowered, so usually you can get the loop going and gain so much life that it doesn’t matter.

Also, with the Justice team I don’t always take skulls. I often take red or yellow if there aren’t a lot of skulls on the board and if the enemy has that colour frozen. Then, when Valk is filled I cast her to clean up the board which sets up the blue/skull loop. The main reason for using bone dragon is that if an enemy hits you they get frozen; you rarely actually want to charge his spell.

Using that team on console, here is my two cents.

First slot can be : northrender, snow sprite, wraith ( less ideal but works ), archon statue, archer class ( brown/green weapon ), sylvanimora.

So mine is

Sylvanimora ***
Valkyrie ***
Justice ***
Mab ***
lion banner

The way to make the valkyrie/justice combo is… to not cast valkyrie perfectly. It just needs to fill justice and let a maximum blue on the board. So if justice is empty it just needs 1 quad match and 1 three match with one surge. That lets 12-15 blue on the board, which lets you cast justice on skull and rack up extra turns.

Hope this help

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Valk, Justice, Mab, Mercy, lion banner. Always pick skulls for Justice. When Justice is up, never take blue or skull matches; leave them all on the board and use his ability instead.

It’s as RNG-dependant as any Guardian team, but capable of first-turn kills. If things go south and the other team starts getting matches before you do, you can cleanse away whatever debuffs they’ve landed on you.


Archon statue (doesn’t block valk) he’s first to protect the rest

Banner +2 Blue +1 yellow - 1 green

Its insane how easy it is to win with this team
One cast of valk then loop justice on skulls.

I think finally that the first slot should have an impervious unit (not blue, red or yellow user), then Valkyrie, Justice, Mab.

Of all things I find Griffon Knight to be best in the front but the fact that he uses blue can sometimes be problematic. But can generate yellow for Valkyrie, has armored to survive some hits, and has flying to avoid entangled.

Frosty the Snowman is a good one, since he can avoid being frozen.

The biggest problem I seem to have is against people with Wight teams because that Death Mark can really mess everything up. If we had a Green/Brown troop with Impervious the team would be unstoppable.

Sylvanimora or Honour or Golem or Soothsayer, all fine for first slot. Or my Aunt Doris, to be honest, as the combo spamming Justice is over-powered enough that it doesn’t matter. Aunt Doris is green/purple so colours work okay.


The fact he uses blue is a problem unless you leave him full. Justice is all about creating blue /skulls and needs no one blocking him because with the lion banner you only need a surge 4 match to fill him up. Trust me, that archon in 1st is worth a try. I do swap him for gorgotha for my defence team though.

I am using that Miner that has impervious. No worry about freeze, hitting bone dragon, or got hit by wraith :slight_smile:

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May as well use fortress gate instead, has much better longevity. Attack is a bit low but that won’t be a problem once you get justice going will it?

I still think bone dragon is the best because of his third trait. If you are going to use justice for skull spamming you need the first enemy frozen. Sylvanimora is a close 2nd as entangled is almost as useful in this situation.

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I tried him and it works. I ended up settling on War Goat though because, well…WAR GOAT.

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The problem is when facing Sylvanimora. Entangle = death for a Justice skull spam team.

wargoat works nice too. I use miner for the extra gold :DD

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March forth oh ye Goats of WAR!!!


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Sorry to necro this thread but Fortress Gate at the front end is pretty unstoppable. I also took the Justice team concept and made another formidable team:

Behemoth / infernal king / courage / mercy

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