Great teams to use against the "Justice league" for pvp or guild wars.. console edition

With all this talk about broken ai’s and infinite loops, how has everyone on console been handling these Valkyrie, justice, mab teams , in pvp and also in guild wars.

I’m making this thread so players from all levels can find a team that will help them through all of this.

Amira is a top pick of course and anyone immune to freeze. Try to pick a team who uses red, blue, yellow, so you can mana block them and gain it at the sane time.
Stun is another good status effect.

With the right team they can be destroyed. Really watch the board so you don’t miss because it will end the match quit.

Justice first then mab.

Good luck!


Amira on red and purple days. Has Mana Shield and can usually 1 shot Justice at which point the team becomes far less of a threat almost to the point of being a pushover.


Also Sekhma fully traited as above, will one shot mab/famine/virtually anything with the extra red matches boosting magic

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Not to mention she removes the blues too by changing them to skulls.


Yup. I love red day :grinning:

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To me, the absolute best approach is to build a team around Amira. Anyone can get a copy of her by completing the Leonis Empire quest. With her traits, she is the perfect counter to Mab and great at stopping the VJM team.

I use Gorgotha, Khorvash, Amira, Manticore (I know that is 2 legendaries, but it’s what I’ve got). Fill Amira as fast as possible (either directly or by filling Gorgotha and casting), then use Amira to kill Justice. With double true-damage to blue troops, it should always be a one-shot kill. After that, it should be easy. Use Khorvash and Manticore to suppress mana on the opponent troops and use Amira to pick-off Khorvash (if in first slot) or Mab when you can. With impervious Manticore at the back, Kraken (if in first slot) can’t devour. Mab can’t mana burn either Amira or Manticore, so it doesn’t really matter if she casts.

My wife uses Khorvash, Spirit Fox, Amira, Manticore. Similar idea, except she subs in an empowered mana-drain troop in Spirit Fox. With him at the ready, you can always mana drain Valk or Justice if it looks like the loop is going to start before you can power up Khorvash or Amira.

Both of our teams work 95% or more of the time, but neither is ideal for GW. On Red or Purple days, I might swap in a second Amira in place of Manticore and at least get 2x color bonus.


My go to team is
Just In case you lose a troop

Giant spider if you are missing aby, now my secrets out. Enjoy


Do you use that one just on Red days, or in general PVP? (I know Aby isn’t red)

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No, all red I threw in moloch. Lost to paragon, down to Amira and valk, she got the skull drop, I took the defeat, 20% dodge was not with me that turn

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Could use Garnok or Gwayne if you want a red summoner

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I dod try that too in the mix, may work better on orc week and my orcs are far behind in traits but knights on the other hand

It’s not Knights, it’s Swords Edge. You could end up summoning two Innkeepers…

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Very true,I’m still using the red team I seen @Tacet use the first few weeks of guild wars. Thx for that!!

Yup. Elfie summons the knights.

That said, Mana Shield:
Amira, Corrupt Sorceress, Couatl, Enchantress, Lady Anariel, Nyx, Princess Elspeth, The Dragon Soul, Valkyrie

Borealis, Ifrit, Northrender, Queen Mab, Sekhma, Silver Dragon, Snow Guardian, Snow Sprite, Snowy Owl, Urska Wanderer, Winter Wolf

Barbarous, Behemoth, Carnex, Dracos 1337, Dragon Cruncher, Dwarven Miner, Dwarven Slayer, Fortress Gate, Gloom Leaf, Kruarg the Dread, Lil Johnny Bronze, Manticore, Mongo, Plague,Void Portal, War Goat, War Sphinx, Wulfgarok

Lots of troops to pick from that can ignore mana burn, frozen, or both to help provide a quick way to get rid of Justice and then shrug off the rest of the team while still getting a 4 color team.


Thanks for all the quick input, I hope this thread will help anyone having the mab issue as I call it,

Finally my first 5 and 0 this week, thought @Dan_ozzzy189 told his team to stop using it on defense as I only seen 1 today, tour paragon lol, but all good, mab had 150 attack and high health but with that team, I stood ground
Ok I’ll share
Crimson bat
Void portal
Like I said, not my build but it is very useful.

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I use a similar build on red days except i dont have draak so i use a second bat (mobile)

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Throw in ragnord or no bend too if you like

In place of draak? Interesting… I will try that thanks brudda!

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No bend has jinx and with the extra turn he can destroy, now no team is a guarantee so practice first and good luck

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