Gems of War - why do i even bother on Console

Seriously…this is retarded.
This game isnt even fun on ps4.

Guild wars 3rd match. 3 out of my 5 matches went like this. Yes im aware i set them up a 4 brown match.


First rule is never chose the move they show you, I would have chose yellow, also that team is little bit unbalanced. Thanks for sharing

Yeah i thought same thing and i had a retarded moment. Good thing 1 retarded moment turns in 30 moves insta death.


After watching it, you can analyze and examine for next time. Try
I made a thread to help us out.

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Your ‘issue’ was not killing Justice on turn 1. Everyone knows as soon as Justice gets its Mana the battle is over.

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That was first turn, I think, but the stats are pretty high.

  1. This is yellow day…cb and void are pointless bro.
  2. Strat…lmao if that was a joke. I love you. If your serious…lol i hate you…rofl
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His first turn​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

My bad, I’m on PS4 and it’s red for me, so on yellow day you use that?i see 2 yellows? Am I missing something.

That’s not exactly true. Justice getting blue into battle you can counter easily with Spider or Banshee - anything that can shift color. Also there is a troop that if there are #blue gems gets stuff. I’ve beaten teams with Justice in and haven’t taken Justice out until the end.

Especially if I need Blue :slight_smile:

But your not on console either are you?

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Hahahha your right. Its red day and that was my red team. Lol i guess i could use cb and void…but please tell me how cb and void were helping me do anything there? Lol

Im on ps4

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100% sarcastic. :rofl::grinning: I play against that team every day. Is obnoxious. Sometime the bull gets you.

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Well for starters cb can smash way harder with skulls once drained and void summons and is impervious, also if you focus on Valk first she can fill both.

I literally cant even think cause what i just watched.

I made two swipes and then watched the ai destroy me.

Yeah devs…your game isnt broken

Again santa…i had no time to fill cb or void. I barely had time to fart


I can’t even respond to this with a joke.

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I lose to though, don’t get me wrong, but you gotta take krakow and turn off 4 x speed for guild wars.

No Manticore on yellow day? He’s Fast, Impervious, stuns and Drains Mana… From the thread listed above I’m sure you could find 3 more yellow troops to help shut them down

Its yellow day…im just an idiot from what i watched. Its red day…and again…how do i take out kraken or even a fart if i never get a 2nd turn?

Why would 4x speed mattee?

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