Concerned For The Future Of The Game

yeah hard to see during GW i was talking in pvp in general i noticed this little change but like i said i might be more lucky recently but it didin’t happened only 1-2 time,you know i play lot of pvp fight so definitely think something been changed ninja styie also i use the same team i was using when it get the 21 turn looping and it happen less often, for me at least

Edit: i know after 4-5 loops they still can destroy you but at least it’s not 21 turns :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure that anything they could do would require a client update on the app (since the battles run without any contact with the server). I don’t think they could have ninja-fixed this…

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yeah i might just be more lucky rencently then, i will cross fingers so it stay that way :slight_smile:


Concerning Justice and Q mab. Before I noticed that this team will wipe the floor with me if I didn’t have the right line up. I was just going into battles blind. Now I have to scout em out every single time so I can see if these 2 are lurking round the corner.

If they are…even just one of em in the line up will cause me to change my troop in the first position to my hero’s weapon…tiger and claw I think. Correct me if I’m wrong about the weapon name. But I’m assure of this. It brings that pesky troop to the front, deals damage, and most importantly Stuns that arse. This is the most effective way for me to win against these two.


This has been my experience when I was level 75-150 no major issues but after 200 and up now it’s so bad I don’t do any PvP ranked matches unless I have to for the daily and even then it costs me a fortune in gems to avoid these cascade to win teams.

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There’s another thread going with some suggestions for Anti-mab teams. If you find one that works for you, you’ll be able to face them with some confidence and at least save yourself the gems from having to refresh your PVP choices.

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@Stan your wall text game was so strong I had to put on my glasses.

  1. We are aware of the issue concerning the Justice meta, and we are currently working on adding several ways to fix this in the next udpate. There is no official word on what those will be, but they are being worked on as we speak.

  2. Changing the algorithm will affect these looping teams if it works as intended. It makes it harder for them to keep looping, and PC players are already seeing this. There has been a lot of debate about the change, with some players wanting it to return to how it was, so we are looking into the algorithm further. We are working on finding the perfect sweet spot for both the AI and the player, so that the player can get a few loops off, while still making it so that the AI can’t fill one troop then loop your team into oblivion. This, alongside the other fixes we are working on, should work well together in order to stop this issue.

  3. You may not be aware of this, but a combo breaker does exist in game. On console the AI is much fairer, and has a much better chance of getting lucky than the PC AI. The AI (this is for PVP specifically) is meant to scale as the player goes up in rank, until it matches the players luck at rank 1. However, as we released the Unity version for PC, we realised that there was a bug in this code, causing the AI to only be allowed a small percentage of the player’s luck, unlike the console build. This has now been fixed, and Tier 1 PVP players should be seeing the AI (in very extreme cases where the RNG is exceedingly lucky) only getting 3 times the amount of lucky events that the player does in a single match. They cannot possibly get more since the fix.

So to answer your question that is how the combo breaker will work regarding cascades moving forward.

TLDR, the combo breaker from PC will be coming to console.

Yes the AI is “smarter”, but the change with gem spawning will be a small change that will work towards fixing this as I mentioned earlier. There will be other ways implemented as well.

I’ve already touched on cascades earlier, but on console the cascades are much fairer between the player and the AI. It is on PC where the cascades lean in the favour of the player more often.

Our team is well aware of the problems console is facing, and our lovely console devs are hard at work on fixing all of these issues for you. They are currently balancing everything with the future AI in mind across both console and PC/Mobile, which will all be in line soon.


Yeah i understand it might be hard to find the sweet spot, whatever you guys do, some people will say it’s too easy and other people will say it’s too hard. Anyway thank you for taking the time to answer. Like i said to alpheon please release some nasty troop while we are waiting so it make us forget we are still fighting that damn justice league :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the thoughtful and thorough response. It may not have showed in that post, but I do understand how difficult it is to balance all of the different elements and appreciate the work of the whole team. It’s only because I love the game so much that I worry when things seem out of balance and see frustration getting out of control.



I think they are tweaking it tbh. I have seen justice miss more times this week then ever before. Also I’ve had two guildies use him and cast once with 18blue with no extra turn. Other one was 21 blue on board before cast which also resulted in no extra turns

Oh they tweaked him and made him weaker did they?



Interesting, i also noticed this but i been told it was just my imagination, i really have no idea if it’s true but from my point of view i see it looping less often, before it was able to make 20 turn in a row and this week it look like it miss shot after couple cast. This is really weird

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Just posting what I have noticed. Is it every match? Of course its not.
Does justice still loop and get unlimited free turns. Yeah sometimes.:grin:

Lol, is that your gw team or your normal team you use to get flogged by justice?

that probably doesn’t happen often, but wow. it doesn’t happen often, does it?

I hope so. This absurb ai rng is the reason I stopped playing the game. Can’t enjoy the game if 2/3 games the ai cascades 5 times and wins the game when you allow them 1-3 turns.

what we need a some way to set a 1 troop defence to get more variety in pvp … hmmmm …


I hope tweaks will be able to be made to combo breakers on console without a patch after next patch.

They will be coming with the next major console update.

Watched it here too… Still didn’t hear a fart…

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Lol riiiiiiiiiip

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