Concerned For The Future Of The Game

Hi i’m a long term player, i’ve been playing this game for almost a year now i’ve noticed since playing it that every week when going for PvP tasks I constantly see the same team every other game/match, obviously the team being the justice queen mab team, i’ve tried 10 maybe 15 different variations to try to defeat this team with ease but when facing this team over a period of 10 times i’m likely to win 2 3 maybe 4 of the matches, my question is can anything be done to weaken this spam team.

As me and my guild are getting really annoyed with it and we are ready to leave the game not only just the team but the fact that PvP is literally giving me practically the same person/team within 3 matches of PvP yes everyone’s entitled to pick their own team but it’s just the fact that when even’ts come in and require certain PvP matches to be won their is no chance of doing this event/obtaining the event gems (green crystals) when PvP is littered with justice an queen mab teams aswell as the all knowingly powerful Gorgotha, The Dragon Soul, Famine and Queen Mab team’s that’s all my concerns at the moment as a player my suggestion(s) would be either remove/nerf the guild guardians just to make people use different variations of team’s before people like myself and guild get extremely bored and quit the game completely.

Or a regular team swap on defensive or a randomizer to fight one of the opponents team’s in their team slot’s with the added choice of this maybe make it so once said already defence team has been fought against that team is then changed around to one of the player’s other/next team slot’s (Provided it does not contain the same troops) or more than one defence set slot so that you have more than just the same team within the defence that cannot contain more than 1 of the same troop.

Just before anyone say’s it I am aware that you can cancel this team out in one form or another but I want to be able to change my idea’s rather than just use the same team to go against the same team’s week in week out I want to use different troops I have over 200 troops and I don’t just want to use 4 of them time and time again.

This same concept is just making people get angry or bored with facing the same team time and time again yes it is defence it is probably the best defence everyone know’s this but seeing the same defence all over day in day out is quite bothersome and thus is the reason for this post as I myself have enjoyed the game just like my guildies have and we want to continuously enjoy it and also try out different things time and time again though we go against the same people we have fought and lost to 20 times before hand and still do not see anything else other than Kraken, Valkyrie, Justice and Queen Mab or Gorgotha, The Dragon Soul, Famine, Queen Mab… maybe something else in first slot but that’s besides the point i’m trying to make here my guildies have played this just as much as me if not more and for the future of the game to reside around these defense team’s is just going to be monotonous for those that just start out to play or that have played a considerable amount of time of the game to go against the same team’s time and time again an then probably quit without second thought, defense team’s should need a good look at if not the guild guardians certainly do if not for the future of the game, for the people that play.

I for one have spent alot of money on this game I just want my opinion’s heard (VIP rank 18)


Unfortunately this was said weeks ago, or rather this is what the effect would be.

Take out mabs free hit and the cycling effect is massively reduced.

The simple solution was rejected weeks ago.

I feel for you and your guild about the justice spam but every guild is currently seeing it. I know some players really struggle against these justice teams.
Lol, not sure why the mention of gorg TDs famine mab variants. There around but are not everywhere. With the nerf to exploders on console expect to this team slightly less. I take you and your guild is struggle against the famine team. Sorry but that’s the way I read into it.

Ps4 and PC player here.

3 months away yet? (for gorg and ds)

Lol, no it has already happened on console. The justice problem might take 3months though. :wink:

Am I the only one who finds J-Mab to be fairly easy to deal with? Yeah I lose sometimes but win against that team far more often. GW makes it a little trickier if you want to stick to 1 color but even then some colors deal with them rather easily. I usually find if Justice is killed early, the team falls apart since then it’s just a straight forward fight.


You probably don’t fight them as often then me cause they are everywhere, yeah easy to kill when you got a good boad but if you are not lucky justice will refill in 1 cast then loop 5-6x and everyone got over 100 health and att so even if you use impervious when you get 100 damages every time they get a lucky skull cascade in the face it’s still can kill quickly the team

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Lmao, no Shiratori. Some struggle while some destroy it. Its an easy team to beat with the right team. But you already know all this. :grin:

@death even if i use your right team i can tell you im gonna loose often.

Im #1 in leaderboard right now and every damn fight are against them, i got over 1000w and 100L so it’s not that much but 99% are because they looped me untill everyone die


Interesting Ricky. I’m sorry bro I don’t lose to her all that often. Yeah sometimes shit happens. Bad starting board I might lose to.

Yeah bad starting board is most commun of my lost

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Have a like just for your high activity this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I fought them early, often, all day, and all night. Most of the time, my all purpose go to team is Khorvash, Valkyrie, Mab, Mercy. They usually cut through anything. But I’ve also run Beasts (no Kerberos), Moloch teams, Psion teams. Sekhma has been a favorite of late as well and has several nice support teams around her. But J-Mab is far less annoying and less of a threat for me compared to Famine and Dragon Soul builds.


They’re easy to beat with many right teams. And yeah I would agree they’re more of a challenge for mid players to face. But Ricky should breeze through them far more often than not. I guarantee he’s more buffed than what I have so I don’t know why he’s having so many problems.

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Lol, most of my teams are famine builds.
Yeah some of guildies really struggle against justice. I don’t even bother asking what teams they play against her anymore.

@Shiratori some players don’t learn by there mistakes and make the same ones over and over

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And I don’t even have a Famine for these teams…

The truth is i know there is better team but they are not quick enough, and the one i use is a quick win or quick lost, i don’t like switching team over and over so i just go with the same team since the lost does’nt hurt i just keep going.

If you want to be in top 10 this is the way you got to play, if you don’t care about leaderboard then you can take your time and play slower. But it’s not my style :slight_smile:

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When every other match is a justice loop team they need to do something about it! Why are there so many of these teams? I think it’s because other strong troops like Famine and EK have been nerfed so much that Justice loop is way stronger! Justice is 13 mana cost while Famine is 22 going to 24! by the time you get famine up you will be dead!

Ek is fine and a couple with the right troops works fine against these teams if you play smart and don’t let justice go nuts. Oh, and luck. You need shit loads of luck!

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Also the majority of players don’t have Famine. Valkyrie/Justice/Queen Mab is very easy to field.