How to kill fhe Justice/Queen Mab Loop of Death

So I’m going to assume everypony’s been throwing their computers out of windows because of the Justice/Queen Mab loop that makes up 99% of high-level teams. I just found the one team that can kill that meta. Here it is.

The dominant color of this meta is blue. Amira deals 2x damage to blue troops, which Justice and Queen Mab are. Armed with a Gorgotha and Giant Spider to sandwich the two Amiras pictured, you will have little trouble destroying this meta-ruling menace. Any questions will be answered, if not quickly, then with helpful intent.

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I don’t play on Console, but I thought the issue with the “Loop of Death” was that, once it gets started, you basically are helpless, and by the time control returns to you, you’re at a severe disadvantage; thus the best you’ll see are “coin-flip” style “kill-or-be-killed” teams to go against it. Am I misunderstanding?


Here’s the beauty of it: this team is designed to PREVENT the loop by killing the troop that starts the chain. Knocking off Mab is a plus too, considering her freeze trait.

Just think of it like this. Every team has a “catalyst” troop that allows the others to wreck everything. If the “catalyst” gets destroyed before it can fire off, the whole team unravels.
I made this to help

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The idea is fine, I think you need a little more Speed behind it since it doesn’t take much to fill up Justice. Working in something like Forest Guardian (to speed up Spider) or Mercy (speed up Gorgotha) would help Amira get filled that much quicker.


If you can kill the nucleus, speed won’t matter. You WILL win unless the team has a second, lesser troop-killer.

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Speed matters if the nucleus can charge faster than you can put it down. Considering most of the time they will have blue unblocked along with Valkyrie taking the red and yellow, you won’t have long. That’s why I was suggesting something to improve the likelihood of Amira out racing them.


That’s why you either speed-charge Giant Spider or focus one Amira to take out Justice.

I tend to fight fire with fire with regards to thw justice league

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I use a similar approach to @PowerPlay, but with a different lineup. I’ve shared elsewhere, but Gorgotha, Khorvash, Amira, Manticore. I don’t charge any faster, but with Manticore there, I’m just a single green match away from being able to mana-drain Valk or Justice. Also, with impervious in last slot, I never fear Kraken. I know @Strat had tried my team out and shared your concerns about speed, but I honestly find that I win 95% plus with this team, no matter what troop they put out front. It’s very trait-dependent, and not the only approach, but it works for me.

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Try putting Wulfgarok instead of one of the Amiras. The extra magic stat helps one-shot enemies. The devour on Wulfy’s spell makes a good finisher too.

Oh, that would be a splendid idea… if I HAD the Mythic in question!


I have 5 base mythics: War, Plague, Famine, Pharos-Ra(fully traited), and Jotnar Stormshield.

That might be true if people are trying to do 4x teams for Guild Wars, but like @Powerplay, I think the best way to deal with that team is to kill Justice first and fast. That kneecaps the team and everything else is mopping up. Personally, and I’ve been saying this for months, Amira is the best troop to do that. The fact that she is also mana-shielded and does double true-damage to Blue makes her a serious problem for Mab, as well.

I don’t need to rely on a coin-flip team because it isn’t worth the gamble: I can methodically annihilate that team 19 times out of 20, and on the 20th time, there won’t have been anything I could have done, no matter what team I brought. If I needed to gamble for every last GW bonus, I might sing a different tune.


Justice was being filled by the cpu repeatedly at the end of last week by the cpu in 2 moves, and I did see 1 move fill as well. Mab now autofreezes the key troop as well routinely.

Blue was absent from the board on many of these occasions for 1-2 moves for the player to stop the spider. A little tweak for the cycle. If you run a spider and blue is absent just move on. Cycling is not decreasing or going away.

See @Stan
I have roughly same win rate against that team or its varients with or without using amira. Yeah she is good troop and I truly fail to see why people struggle against that team with or without amira.
As you said every now and then you will get a game that is impossible to win.

Most videos I have seen against said team the player makes a stupid mistake and then its game over.

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No blue? It’ll probably give you green. In any case, once you fill up one Amira, Justice is done for. Then you can just focus on rushing down Mab and depending on the top troop, you’ve already won.

Do you play on console?