Justice + Queen Mab Team Help

I’m running the typical Valk, Justice, and Queen Mab team and I know the 4th troop isn’t as important but I’d like some advice on it anyway.

Currently I run Queen Ysabelle in the last slot but i recently picked up Khorvash and Keeper of Souls. Should I drop Ysabelle and run one of them in front?

I know most people run Khorvash up front but I dont like the idea of blocking blue mana before it gets to justice or queen mab. I thought Keeper of Souls would be nice because I use Justice’s skill on skulls.

If anyone has advice on either of those cards or any other cards that would work well in this team I’d greatly appreciate it.

There’s a thread talking about same stuff. Read here, a lot of good suggestions.


For that very specific team i can only recommend Desert Mantis with full traits, thats literally the best solution i’ve seen this far

Team Order is:


and the leonis banner (although others will work too, this team is at a point where nothing really matters anymore)

The only important thing is that you get mabs 3rd trait everythin else is pretty much bonus.

As for playstyle:
Start off with mantis and/or valk. it is recommended (although not really necessary) that you cast Mantis at least once, before you start casting Justice to prepare the board. After Justice is filled you just self-loop Justice on blue-yellow and cast Mab as soon as you have 13 blue gems on the board. Use Mantis and Valk as backups should the selfloop fail. Finish all impervious/mana shielded troops off with skulls (at 150 damage after a few casts pretty much everything will go down fast).

Good game, easy win.

Backup plans:

If mantis dies, try to shoot off justice as often as possible before she dies and finish on only mab/valk with high attack. gets intnse at times but is entirely possible.

If justice dies, things get tricky… try to survive best you can, rely on mab.

If mab dies… stop casting her, rely on skulls.

If valk dies… nevermind it. You won’t be getting souls but thats about it.

Needless to say, this team is very limited against most other freeze teams, but if played well and with a little good rng it can even finish several of those…

An alternative for that also is to insert a 3 trait mercy in bottom slot if you have. doesnt give souls but might start faster and has more survivability.


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Thanks for the help! I tried running dust devil in front but I didn’t like it. I’ll give mantis a shot for sure

Run something with Impervious - that nullifies Entangle, Death Mark, and other stuff that can cripple your team if the first troop gets hit with it.

I run War Goat or Fortress Gate sink neither of them overlap colors. I don’t think I’ve ever lost a match with them.