How Does My Team Look?

Hello, and thank you for viewing my post.

Currently, I have a team consisting of the following:
Giant’s Banner (++Blue)
Snow Guardian*** (Epic)
Valk*** (UR)
Justice (UR) {Working toward full trait}
Mab*** (Mythic)

How do you guys think this team weighs out? I’ve seen the typical, Khorvash (that I don’t have), or Desert Mantis replacing my Snow Guardian.

But, with Snow Guardian, there are the following benefits:
I take advantage of ALL the gem colors;
I get a bonus for 2 Glacial Peaks troops;
Snow Guardian’s last trait, “Arcane”- gain 1 magic every time an ally casts a spell, allows it to build up pretty powerful hits with the many “self-loops” from Valk, Justice, and even Mab’s extra turns.

Snow Guardian can even help loop, as his spell will create more blue gems (I think it was 10) if he kills the enemy, which can happen pretty regularly given that he is constantly boosting his spell’s damage, and the whole time Mab is wearing the enemy team down.

I’m very open to suggestions, as I’m aware Snow Guardian’s freezing capabilities are overlapping Mab’s freezing powers, but it can also work as a means of re-freezing enemies who quickly recover from Mab’s freeze while also throwing out a base 17 or 18 attack. Also, keep in mind that I’m only about level 120 something, so I’m an early to mid-level player, and don’t exactly have all the powerful cards just yet.


You might benefit more from having a better tank troop on top (golem comes to mind for your level, cheap to trait and get stoneskin for 50% skull damage reduction), and by not using green you’ll also be able to switch to lion banner to fill up valk a bit faster, you can give it a try :slight_smile:


Good starting team with nice synergy and thought.

Personally I’m not a fan of spawners like Justice - too easily misfire. Valkyrie gives great control. You could include Alchemist or Diviner to fill her. Sea Troll is also an interesting option if you like spamming blues.

Long run it’d be nice to get Khorvash there. Or Sylvanimora is excellent (with third trait) to combine with Justice creating skulls.

Obviously a Mab/freeze based team will stall horribly if too many enemies are insulated or impervious. Always also be working up a Plan B team.

Both great suggestions. Khorvash is definitely on my list. And I agree that it is a pain to rely on both freeze and RNG spawners like Justice (which has led to plenty of nice boards set up for my opponent), but hopefully as I unlock better troops I’ll be able to change that.

I’ll look into the suggested troops, as I thought about some Tankier alternatives, or even a drop of full color coverage to get a better suited banner for my team, but that’ll take some fiddling around.

That’s a good point. I’m not at home at the moment, so I can’t quite remember, but what do you think about Ice Golem for top tank?

He’s alright as a tank, but he’d take blue mana away from justice and mab and unlike khorvash his spell is not great… I’d still say the regular golem is a better fit for your team, or using your hero on top with a decent brown or brown/green weapon (war & peace from khaziel’s quest reward, mountain crusher or even dragonator 8000 should work there). Good luck! :slight_smile:

What class do you think I should use if I were to sub out for my hero?