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Favorite Crimson Bat Teams? *CONSOLES*

My crimson bat is only legendary, so that means it’s 8 or 9 damage per shot. Prior to trying to get a good bat team together I have been using:

  • Jarl (fully traited)
  • Eternal Flame
  • Valkyrie (fully traited)
  • Druid (fully traited)

I have at least one of EVERY card currently available in the game except for Moloch and Orion, I have 2 bats. I’m struggling to put a decent team together that is as efficient and fast as my Jarl team, so far haven’t been able to come up with anything. I KNOW I will have at least:

  • Crimson Bat (not traited)
  • Valkyrie (fully traited)

Suggestions? I was thinking of putting serpent in there as well.

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This is what I’m using

Soothsayer (3)
Valkyrie (3)
Crimson Bat (1)
Psion (1)

You can switch the last 2 around if you want.

Soothsayer helps boost the damage output and can quick fill Valkyrie after she had a match in most cases. Runs pretty fast too.

Also moved the topic since it’s more gameplay than trouble support.


Apologies, meant to put it into gameplay, not trouble shooting.

This is a fantastic team! I’ve used it a lot also. It’s nice because you can bring their man, and as people start buying Scions ability becomes more and more powerful.

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Eventually I should be able to get the latter 2 traited up. Both give them good comeback abilities.

It’s not really necessary while they’re in the back. So many of these troops have these on skull things that just don’t do any good because they’re not intended to be used that way.

I’ve had a few matches where they were the last 2 so the extra damage or mana drain into me would have really helped. Still won but safety nets are good


When I read this topic I thought… great the only Troop in the game I don’t have (that is currently available). AND everyone seems to loves it. Well I had an extra six Gem keys (on top of the 5 I always keep for in reserve for Tasks). Sure enough Crimson Bat!

I’ll get a team together and post something up in a bit.


Console I have a few teams I have fun with.

bat (3) bat (3) valk (3) boar rider (3) All are Mythic

Venoxia (3) Valk (3) bat (3) Behemoth (3) all mythic except for venoxia

Jarl (3) Bat(3) Valk(3) Rowane (2) all mythic

Got another one but wont post as never seen another with it. :yum:

That team is wonderful, my soothslayer is only green since I just got him, so I have to have Valkyrie up front for now, but as soon as I can swap them I will do so.

Soothsayer’s levels don’t matter as much as if he is fully traited. Empowered on him is wonderful as you can fire it off first turn t get things going or by second turn in most cases to fill Valkyrie who in turn should be able to fill the rest. And I use the Red/Blue banner since those colors overlap on the troops.

But glad you like. It’s worked great for me tonight.

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Ok, I tried this 10x in PvP. 2 Crushing Victories, 2 Almost Defeats (Still Won), 6 Normal Wins.

Its a bit of a Paper Tiger for me. But I found out that Psion is awesome at pulling the manna off the enemy, and I’ve never used him before this. Crimson Bat it as I expected - very nice. Empowered on Soothsayer gets things going, but it would be nice to have another True Damage Troop. Interesting Team.

It’s hard since you need a troop like Valkyrie to really help charge up the other 2 fast (and soul gain of course). If you want more control, try putting Psion 3rd and Crimson Bat 4th (though the Bat is completely mana locked at that point. The default way listed still lets both the Bat and Psion gain extra mana from unblocked matches.)

The only other True Damage all troop on Console is Venoxia which… he’s only doing 2 damage per cast no matter what. Magic affects is attack gain only.

The only other troop that would work as a mana generator for this team would likely be Gorgotha, but you’d still want some other mana generating troop that can either target what you need specifically or help give a bit of board control (which is what Valkyrie and Soothsayer provide respectfully).

The team as is will receive a small buff with the next update, assuming kingdom bonuses match the PC side. Zhul’Kari changes from Attack to Magic and Blighted Lands is a Magic kingdom too. You’ll notice those extra 2 damage add up very fast.

Wolf Knight would be great to finish off enemy Troops. If you get Armor Piercing he can be the first Troop.