Just got Crimson Bat, is he still OP?

Still reading through the older topics I some got a mixed signal in how good he actually is, so therefor I decided to make this topic. I also see that he was tweaked in 2015 or so. I got him at hero level 65, hes my first Legendary.

Just wondering if he is worth building a team around him, and if it has to be a true damage team for him to work correctly.


No. Sadly, he is now simply just a “shadow of the past.”
With the increased amount of maximum life across the board, his true damage is a little underpowered.

On an alternative note, if you are interested in True Damage team, the new craze is the True Shot trait.
You should start investing in cards with the trait, such as Avina, Atlanta, Orion, Centaur, or Glade Warden… etc.

Thanks for the answer! Just have a strong feeling that the “True shoot” trait will be tweaked soon, if it doesnt in the future, I will look into it, cheers!

Crimson Bat was a wonderful card - I got very lucky and pulled him quite early - and his AoE true damage, with Shadow Dragon and Lady Sapphira for friends, got me through the game to level 100+…

But as @ctu1208 points out, sadly this great legendary is now rather ineffective as life stats are SO high… I expect this will rebalance at some point (or at least I hope so).

I still run a fun (and pretty effective team) with Soothsayer x2, Herdmaster and Crimson Bat. By the time the Soothsayers go down, Herdmaster refills Crimson Bat with one cast - and Crimson Bat is dealing 10-12 AoE true damage… that still works! Sadly isn’t fast enough to compete against a line-up of skull spamming skeletons tho…

Sadly to hear it, that he is not worth to even build a team around anymore. He should be rebalanced. Lets see if the new patch will have the change. Btw what do you consider would be a fair rebalance for him?

A core part would be a redistribution of all stats on all units, to return to the proportions and profiles from level 15, before all the more recent upgrades. At the moment, Ascension stat gains and level 16-20 gains are all quite blanket to Attack/Life/Armour and not so much to Magic - so differences between troops have been smoothed out, and also spell damage has been left far behind attack damage.

At the same time, I’d hope to see the kingdom level 10 stat bonuses get realigned a little bit (we recently had Darkstone changed from Armour to Magic) - now it looks a bit short on Armour (+9 Life and only +5 Armour) so I’d move a couple of them from Life to Armour…

As for Crimson Bat himself - I’d like to see all legendaries get a bit of a buff to make them worth seeking after (at the minute no one need bother with anything rarer than a skeleton or centaur) - maybe Crimson Bat could get a stat buff and say upgrade his spell (e.g. have it cleanse and heal him as well as add life, or have it deal bonus damage if the enemy uses yellow mana, or etc etc).

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Well, to be fair, if you are Level 100 or lower, Crimson Bat should still work well for you, since you shouldn’t have to worry about too many players maxing out the extra Kingdom Life bonuses. At that level range the Crimson Bat should still be rocking most of your PvP battles. In fact, I would guess it would still be good up to Level 150.

Just be aware that its value depreciates the higher level you get. By then you would eventually get matched more frequently with people with Level 10 Kingdoms.