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Gold Mythic ascension

Believe it or not, this came to me in a dream…

New ascension level of Gold Mythic, costing double the # of troops for Mythic ascension. E.g… a base common Mythic troop would have to sacrifice 200 to ascend to base common Gold Mythic. Such ascension is reflected by having a gold border on the troop card.

No skill increase for Gold Mythic ascension. Instead, all Gold Mythic troops gain an identical Gold Mythic trait: upon death, a Gold Mythic troop will regenerate as a copy of a surviving random enemy troop. This would mean a Gold Mythic Fortress Gate could regenerate as a Maw, or vice versa.

And yes, Virginia, this feature would make speedruns in the meta a LOT harder, which is kind of the whole idea.

EDIT: In case it wasn’t obvious, a regenerated troop would not be Gold anymore, otherwise matches might never end. :slight_smile:


Normally I’d put together a composed rebuttal, but in this case the flaws are so self-evident that I’ll pass.


If they do bring in higher troop levels id hope ascension is not achieved by sacrificung troops. I would imagine a lot of players are disenchanting spare troops for souls.

Be great to have an auto disenchant button that cleared out all spare troops; just leaving 4 mythics of any troop.

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I concur, I say

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I did say it was a dream…

These types of quirky mechanics would be fun if they introduced actual multiplayer. Would be good to have them when playing with friends

I do predict the “copy enemy troop” mechanic will see the light of day at some point.

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In isolation, I think this could make for a neat troop.

Mimic (7 Red/Purple): Assume the spell and Magic of a target enemy troop. That spell replaces my spell (colors and cost). After the spell is cast, revert to Mimic.

(Obviously this would need tuning for the spell cost.) This could theoretically give you a repertoire of 7 spells in a fight, at the overhead of priming Doppelganger each time. Note that Mimic would copy the Magic stat only; all other stats would remain unchanged. If that is too strong, perhaps Doppelganger would always have a fixed, low Magic score, which would limit his usefulness (some spells would be great to copy, like Sandstorm, while others would be mostly useless).

To the OP… mmm, no, don’t like this one bit… I never ever want to see an ascension tier above Mythic, for so many reasons…

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