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New Troop Spell Concept

Pretty much it could be done, since we have mechanics that ressurects troops or summons another one in the place.

I thought Transformers would need a common spell ala Summoners. But I like the idea that each character would have a unique spell.

Maybe Transform is 3rd trait that says on 4+ match card transforms. That would be fun and chaotic. Cascades could hurt you…

OR they have a unique spell but have a footnote that reads card transforms every x turns???

Just thinking out loud here…

For the Werewolf it could be possible to make a condition for the transformation like:

  • Having a certain number of Purple Gems on the board. (The gem symbol is a moon after all…)
  • After a number of turns, like the battle extending until night.

To spill the beans i was thinking about a team of classic monsters at the time we were discussing the new troop creation.

Dracula would be the most complex of all, changing from mist to wolf, to bat or rats. :smiling_imp:


As I was typing this up I thought of another troop


Can transform into any random troop.

I love this concept! If you couldn’t tell! :wink:


If this was to happen each troop would need to be linked. By linked i mean if jekyll came out so would hyde and each with their own spell that would transform them into the other and do an additional thing so it isn’t just healing but each time they do it the effects are less potent. This would be like the transform mechanic in magic the gathering.

Here was my take on the Doppelgänger:


I suspect that the reason why Design a Troop was shut down is because if the devs actually adopt a spell proposed by a post here, you could later sue them for stealing your intellectual property.

I’m pretty sure the holdup was that everyone who wanted to participate would have to sign a release of all rights.

So, actually, if you put this spell here and don’t actually sign a release of rights, you’re more likely to prevent them from making this spell than encourage it.

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In my experience, game devs are rarely restricted by the suggestions of the community. In the past I’ve seen implementations of things that are close to identical to fan suggestions. I wouldn’t worry about suggestions being counterproductive.

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Admittedly, I only really know how this works with books. But it’s a danger a lot of authors have–they can’t listen to suggestions about like, “Hey, here’s what you should do in the next book…” because even if they had already planned to do what the person suggests, that person has grounds to sue.

I don’t know about books, but ideas in video games are definitely not protected, or else there would be no Words With Friends, or even Gems of War.

I understand the sentiment. Among my other hobbies I am also a composer of original music and an arranger of music.

Protecting your creative ideas is very important. If the devs planned on doing something like this. It exists in some fashion pre-dating my post.

If they didn’t but like so much hey choose to use it. Then given that this is a Feature REQUEST, I am clearly asking them to take the idea. Furthermore, if there legal department felt it necessary to ask for a release they would reach out to me and I would sign gladly. :wink:

But your point is well made regarding books and other media.

Self transform is pretty similar to a self buff and we already have a bunch of self strengthening units.
transforming others seems a lot more interesting and useful. Turn that Great Maw into sheep or frog, or make Mad Prophet useful again after he already cast.


This could be a neat derivative spell concept as well!!

Mad scientist
(enter colors and cost here)
Target enemy becomes a level (20-magic) (enter troop name here)
something like this where the higher the magic of the scientist the lower the level of the enemy troop transformation?

@sirrian any thoughts on if this can be done in game?

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Because being higher level means basically an increase of starting stats, I don’t think this would have any effect once a battle starts.

You misunderstand i think, the higher the scientist is the higher his magic is. That magic is subtracted from 20 which leads to a monster summoned being weaker the higher the scientist’s level it.

Oh, you mean wholesale replacing enemy troops? That sounds like a one-shot spell at best, since it’s the equivalent of instant-kill.

It seems like something that’s within the realm of possibility, technically, though.

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How has no one mentioned Polymorph yet?! I want to turn Maws into chickens!


The Great Maw --> The Great Ba-kaw?


Well, the new stun mechanics do something like polymorph, removing all traits on Gorgotha equals it becoming a chicken. Polymorph could, say silence and half life and armor on the targeted troop? Complete with a Ba-caw sounds effect if the opponent tried to cast a spell anyway. If silence is OP, how about stopping the troops from casting, but they still gather mana?
Nice idea, mate! :grinning: