A troop idea to reconsider

Hey all,

Im gonne keep this short a silly idea came up to me and i just wanted to share as it might b a cool thing to do in future.

So the idea is to make a Troop with a skill to copy a selected Troop his skill thats on the current battlefield i think that wud b an awesome idea for a mythic troop.

Not sure if sumtin like that wud b to overpowerfull or anything but it might b a cool idea for a troop :slight_smile:

Wel thx for reading

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Not too strong, one-shot spells get the shaft, transform would get the needle, and gorgotha just got the bat.

i think this could work as long as you either disable 1time/game-casts from copying or disable that unit cast after/if it copies a 1time/game-cast

Yep i agree anna to copy those 1time/game-casts wud b too imba :smiley:

Thx alot for the reply guys and gals

I like the idea as well.

Wud b sumwhat awsome 2 not get eye cancer from reading ur post lolz

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or ur comment :wink: thx for the reply tho