New mechanic Suggestion : Amnesia

I was just thinking about a new spell mechanic.

"The troop will have all stats reverted to their original value."

  • Simply said - the troop will experience a “reset”. Something like transforming to itself.

This mechanic would be the 1st double-edged ability to be targeted onto both enemies and allies. It could be used offensively to strip bonuses from Fenrir, or health gained by Draaculis - but could also be used to wake the troop hindered by Plague or Famine.

I’m aware it would be troublesome to code, and wouldn’t help the game much, and some problems might appear… But hey, I have to throw my ideas somewhere. :wink:


Hmmm really don’t see this adding much to the game… sorry…

I could suggest somewhere… else… :wink:

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I think your trying to create a mechanic to counter stat gaining troops.

Why not something more in line with “Plague” (that currently halves Mana gain). So this new ability would half all future stat gains from any method on the troop until its dispelled (does not auto dispel).

I’m not making comments about its usefulness just an alternative design idea working within the existing framework/flavor of the game.

I actually think this is an amazing idea and like it very match.


Yes, a counter to stat gaining - but a counter against Famine / Plague as well.
… I actually thought of exactly your suggestion first… But realized it might be underused while the reward wouldn’t be worth looking at.
If the design goes both ways: friendly or foe - and is unique - and is noticeable - it might just give some ideas to developers. And it might end up enjoyable and nice to the game.

I’m aware it won’t get to the game, ever … But I like brainstorming with you guys, the community, about things.

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That’s not really a new mechanic if you consider it could be seen as

  • transforming into self.
    Like Werewolf transforming into Villager then back to Werewolf… Without the Villager step.
  • killing and summoning
    Like Elspeth’s spell, but you summon the same card you killed.

It’s basically a new way of using an existing mechanic.

I’d say why not, but it shouldn’t be the one and only effect of a spell, and definitely not a trait.

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That’s exactly the thing, Sir.
… The mechanic is already somewhat there - but without its use because you always sacrifice something in order to get the benefit. You cannot use any of the mentioned because you loose the troop you wanted.

I haven’t thought as far as thinking of a whole ability to work with the mechanic, knowing it probably won’t get to the game, but I absolutely agree it shouldn’t be the only effect of an ability.
When traits are concerned - I can imagine something like "Apply Amnesia on myself when an enemy dies."
But it cannot be on 4/5 gem match. That’s for sure.

Not a bad idea, There are some instances i could see this being helpful. Like when an enemys life gets so high and you cant hardly do damage fast enough to combat the life gain.

It would also be cool if they had a real necro skill where you can summon one of your troops that has died in the battle, but can only be cast 1 time. Like maws spell.

If this is meant to be a counter to stat gain/debuff, then Amnesia is probably not a suitable name for it.

The most simple way to do it would be “kill and resummon target opponent or ally”.

I really like the idea, a very johnny effect that comboes with many other game mechanics. Unfortunatly, it would be quite op used with Deathknight and other future on death effects :sweat_smile:

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Could just be an effect (not a status, more like devour) that removes all buffs from a troop. This means a Celestasia that’s cast 10 times on itself or a Kerberos that’s eaten half your team is no longer a threat or endless grind. And if you already dealt enough damage equal to their original life, they would die instantly.

So, to simplify:
Celestasia = 50 Life
Casts Twice = 100 Life (50 from Buff, 50 Original)
Deal 50 Damage = 50 Life (Still 50 from Buff, 0 Original)
Debuff Effect = Dead Celestasia

Just to expand on the idea a bit.

I like it.
So far, transforming opponents are never 100% (into mushrooms or toads :P) so I would not mind a resetting spell.
As for it being weak, just add other stuff with it.
Like: “reset a troop and then strip its armor
"Reset a troop and deal 25 damage to it”
“Reset a troop and create 8 gems of that troop color”
“Reset a troop and steal its mana”
“Reset all troops, gain an extra turn” (ok, omg, joking on that last one)

Thank you for your ideas and feedback, everyone.

@Lelricon. Well - it’s supposed to be a reset. A troop “not remembering” what happened till that point. It could work as all kinds of things - and could be used on both allied and enemy units. I find it pretty fitting. A buffed troop will forget its buffs, and almost dead troop will forget the damage or stat decrease it suffered.

@pchancete I thought of that initially. It would make things much easier. But DK stopped me there, as well.

@Venar I like your suggestions. Especially stealing the mana. For coding purposes, I’d suggest stealing mana before applying amnesia, though :wink:

@Zelfore That is an excellent idea. The bummer is… There’s just absolutely no way to tell when will the troop die. And would feel semi-clunky. And developers would never try to code it.
… But the idea is amazing. I really do love it.

I actually quite like this ‘kill and resummon’ idea - could work if it was a ‘one cast only’ spell like great maw’s spell.

I had couple ideas about this amnesia but I can’t remember it.


There’s already something similar to that. Her name is Elspeth :sweat:

Similar-ish - but doesn’t resummon the same troop, just bags you a random knight. There are so many knights that the summon part is moderately useless - other than reminding you the odd time that some troops really shouldn’t be knights

Werewolf/Villager is the closest thing we have, and is not limited to one-shot.

how about:

  • stun the enemy, then kill and re-summon it

solves dk problem, opens more possibilities for creating anti-unit to that mechanic :stuck_out_tongue:

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That sounds great to me.
… A nice and simple solution, Sir.