Kingdom/Troop Request: Doppelgangers & Shapeshifters

Dear CrowdedWorlds (who seems to be the person forced to read everything), Dear everyone else who accidentally clicked this,

there has been an effort throughout to add new interesting mechanics to Gems of War with new weapons and new troops. That is how we got summoning, multi-mana weapons and orcs that do fun things with attack stats. I guess part of what the team will have to struggle with is constantly come up with even more new stuff to keep people interested, to keep offering new things in the weekly events. The result of my own brainstorming is a kingdom based on doppelgangers and other shapeshifters.

As a kingdom it could be the site of ancient magic experiments gone wrong or of a hidden community of creatures.

The legendary doppelganger would have a unique ability: the first time it would charge up and use it’s ability, it would copy the ability of target enemy for the rest of the battle. Or if that would be too difficult to implement, it would copy/use target enemy ability each time anew.

Yet other creatures could copy stats.
Weaker, unstable dopplegangers would be unable to completly control their abilities. As a result they’d copy something random from a random target.
Or imagine Gloomleaf getting higher and higher attack values only to have an Evil Twin copy that very attack value.

Other abilities could play into the concept of stealth and disguise. If opposing troops don’t realize that what they are marching past is a Mimic, then they won’t damage it, correct? Thus an ability could prevent opponents from targeting the troop for a couple of rounds.

More “were”-themed shapeshifters could have abilities that instead of giving a spell-like effect, would swap between shapes. Each time the ability was used, it would swap back and forth from, for example, human to wolf form. The effect could then be swapping armour and attack stats for example, as the carefull, defensive human turns into a frenzied monster. This could lead to interesting strategies were a templar’s armour buff is used to boost attack, or Luther’s attack buff is used to bolster a troop’s defenses. What would be tricky would be the AI using such abilities.

As it is past 4AM I will have to stop the brainstorming here. Hope people like the direction of thought :wink:


Amazing ideas, the whole shapeshifters theme its been overused on multiple games but it never gets old. I really like it, both of them. +1

So overused that I think I am developing an alergic reaction to the term “lycan” and am considering walking around with an EpiPen just in case :smile:

I am looking for a sukkub, since i love queen of pain. That would be the best card for me. no matter the ability…

Most elaborate reaction to a game design trope ever :stuck_out_tongue: Great read, the team has been reading over all the great stuff posted today!

I like the mimic idea particularly, could be really potent against line-ups like Gloom Leaf / Brian / Ice witch…

I cant remember the last time I faced an Ice with.

I think I fought one last week.