Ascending From Mythic To.....Celestial?

I think this will be an awesome addition, anyone here agrees?

Not that I can find it right now, but the devs have stated that they have no intentions on creating an ascension level above mythic at this time.

As for my opinion? There are so many things that could use their attention that I don’t think another rank up is a good idea atm.


The general consensus, as far as i remember, from the players that expressed themselves on this matter has been:


I think they should eventually bring back the old “shiny” format that they use to have where cards would cosmetically look a bit different with a golden border around the card.

They could bring this back with a 6th ascension, 1 above mythic, that would give NO ADDITIONAL STATS and still keep max level at 20, but would cosmetically override the card in some way. Could be something as simple as a different animation when it has full mana or a different border design that can be used across all cards easily. Hero would get this accession at level 1,000 automatically.


I don’t think they will but in a way, I hope they do.

Would serve all those people right that said I was stupid for not disbanding my extra troops. :smiley:

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This is a really cool idea. I’m also fine if there are better stats. My only hope is that if they do it, it doesn’t use excess troops. They’d need to introduce a new way to take the troop from Mythic to Celestial.

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Ok, so obv I am in the pool of no new ascension needed. But shiny cards? Just for something interesting to do?

As an interesting notion: To get the troop to shiny status, make a requirement that it be used a certain number of times in battle, like 100? 1,000? It’s not a necessary achievement to get to, but for those who are just looking for new stuff to do, making teams out of little-used troops just to get them “shiny” might just tickle people’s fancy.


Um, people don’t use troops when there’s TANGIBLE rewards to be had (aka Weekly Events) why would they use them to get cosmetic changes? :wink:

Yeah I like that idea. Other card games have gone that route, and they could even sell a package to get all cards shiny for a certain price as well.

Cause you know, and I know, that while the majority doesn’t, there ARE those few who do, have, and would! :wink:


I see your 1000 win condition and raise you a 1500 souls! :wink:

I would actually say 500 wins and 1500 souls, but… you know…

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Not completely opposed to the idea of being able to further upgrade troops, unless it needs to be done by fishing out more troops randomly and ascending in the traditional manner. Plus, even the notion of maybe having a future base rarity even rarer than base mythics are is not something I ever want to deal with, at least not with the drop system the way it is now.

If a new rarity tier or just “shinyness” were added that did contribute to stats, I hope the upgrade cost would be some combination of battles fought, souls, traitstones, and gems. If the gem and/or battles costs were reasonable, I’d totally go for as many as I could (souls and traitstones can be borderline unreasonable as far as I’m concerned at this point, so long as I get to use them, since I can always get more and it would give me something else to earn over time).

Cosmetic only, it could be for just using the troop… or gems. They have to monetize it somehow, after all. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to collect these, especially if they had ridiculous battle count requirements, but they’d be nice to see on troops I did actually frequently use.

I rather see them add a troop crafting system before they ever consider adding a rarity that is harder to obtain than base mythics.


pls no skins.


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I think part of this is due to the weekly events’ time limit. You only have a week, and many other things you want to get done in that time. If it was a case of using them in a certain number of battles, you could chip away at it on days you get bored or what a break from PVP/Arena/Explore/whatever the person normally plays.

I agree cosmetic changes might not invite as many people to do it, but I think the uptake would be larger than you might think.

What I like about that picture you posted is that it tells which kingdom it’s from. After a year of playing on mobile I can’t ever distinguish the kingdom icons and I never know which troop is from where… short of memorizing every card I don’t think I’ll ever know more than a handful’s location

If I had been around during that time I probably would know since the icon+text would engrain into my memory, then This current system I’d have no problems with lol

Edit: on topic, I am opposed to adding a new rarity unless it’s cosmetic only. Why? Because I have been dismantling them for souls. Not because I need souls but because I don’t like it when I have more than 4x a card. It’s one of those quirks that make me who I am I suppose. I used to manually dismantle every troop down to 4…


Yeah I was thinking that too. I wish there was a way, but I don’t think there’s enough room on the troop cards. :worried:



I am completely against any further troop ascension.


if any kind of currency is not needed for a new feature then what is the point on devs time put in it?

if the shiny requires more cards to ascend thats a perfect motivation for ppl to spend on more rng pulls :slight_smile:

and it doesnt harm anyone who doesnt wish to.

package sale is also interesting but count for me:
4x unique mythic, how much is it worth? thats how much u need to spend to get a shiny mythic if its made in a form of ascention, i think thats more fair for devs to give them this kind of earning possibility :slight_smile: (i would have no mythic shiny ever but at least the heavy spenders would have some fun! )

if the shiny was going through ascention not just battle count then it would be something really valuable in bragging scale (at least the mythic ones) =)