An idea: maybe each troop could have a golden level?

Right now, each troop can achieve to mythic as long as you have enough keys. But I was wondering is it possible for every troop has a brand new level - golden level. To achieve that level, keys are useless. You can only get to that level by using that troop in battles. We can discuss further about what is the rule for getting that golden level. The rule may be to win 10,000 battles with that troop; or to release 10,000 times magic of that troop; etc. The point is, only playing with that troop can get to that golden level.

For game balance, golden level will not add so much stats to the troop. Actually, I think ZERO stats acquired from this golden level would be fine. The point is, this golden level will make your troop’s card color become golden and shining, which means you have really mastered this troop.

I think this setting will give people like me much more sense of achievement. It also encourages people to explore more about how to use different troops in the battle so that they can get to this golden level for each troop faster.

Some people may think this idea childish, so just ignore it… I just want to contribute more ideas to this terrific game :slight_smile:


I like it! :smiley:

Edited: Like this?


I actually love this idea. Whether it’s a small increase or none, it would definitely be something I’d love to “strive” for. Not enough is in this game when it comes to cosmetics (and this is coming from a guy who hates cosmetics in any game…), but this would really get me out there and battling.

Awesome idea.

Edit: for the sake of brevity on the developers behalf, making it a certain number of battles would be easier for them to implement, since that statistic is already recorded for each troop you have.


wow, yes! That’s what I mean! The effect is perfect! You totally got what I was thinking about!


Yay, I’m glad! :smiley:

This new level would be available only after you ascend a card to mythic, right?

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Yep! We can even make it begin to this golden road when you update the troop’s level to 20 and have all the three traits! It makes more sense that you start this mastery trip of a troop with all its abilities! :slight_smile:


Yes, makes perfect sense! :smiley:

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I like it, i think it could at the least have people using some troops that are never used.


Reminds me of shinyyyyy golddddd :heart_eyes:


Excellent idea! I love it! @Saltypatra i think this should be put in the works posthaste!

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We’ve actually been discussing doing something like this. :slight_smile:


I like it. No stats improvement if you Ask me because most likely this troop would already be pretty strong


achievement system. nice!

wow! nice art! you are so talented!

wow! I’m really looking forward to it!

perfect :smiley:
i like gold border :slight_smile:
just adding another concept that could go along with it:

When you talk about the “Golden Levels,” please give thought to some extra love for troops that are limited by being in the starter missions and challenges. Troops like Rhynax and Pegasus, that are limited in power by having new players facing them early, could get significant boosts in the “Golden Level,” since the golden versions would never be faced by a beginner in story, arena, or challenges.

OR the should just scale them up as their Ascended like they could do with the other 300+ troops that could use a touch of love. :grin:

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For those troops, they are easy to get, but very hard to become golden, I think that’s another kind of balance:slight_smile:

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These ideas have come up before. Cosmetic-only card upgrade, unlocked by using the cards. Nice enough idea. Not sure the appeal would be wide enough for it to be worth the effort to do. Doesn’t monetise as far as I can see. Also, pretty sure a dev said that the data implications of tracking the use of every card by every player were nasty.