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Gold Keys - Headscratching Design Decision

I’ve been playing off and on, for a long time. Patch 1.08 is an interesting departure, and I think it has the bones to grow the game much stronger. However, the design decision to include gold as a reward for the gold keys is baffling at best, and has severely disappointed me. If you get a key, and receive gold, you are effectively being given a consolation prize. You lost this draw. You didn’t even get enough to play again. That seems like a terrible decision to me. It’s disappointing to purchase (or receive as a reward) something that doesn’t contribute to progression. Failure chances aren’t fun for most players. I hope that the Gems team takes a strong look at changing it.


In the same vein: glory rewards from a glory chest

In the current model gold chests are significantly worse than the old basic keys.
They are a bit less than 1/3 of the original cost and instead of 3 cards we get 1 reward. Seems good right? Until you include that the troops you get can never be better than rare.
Additionally you might not even get a troop but glory, gold or a traitstone which are useful on their own but considering how we now need many copies of all cards it would be nice to have a tiniest bit more control as to what we’ll be getting.

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While I agree this is disappointing, it’s pretty common; think lottery tickets: lots of times a $5 ticket will have a $2 prize as a fairly common reward. Not saying I agree with the design decision (I’d rather the rewards be more…rewarding) but it’s not exactly outside the norm.

If anything it should give you MORE gold/glory than the key is worth OR the design should be changed to include either one troop PLUS one of the current alternatives or always contain one troop or traitstone PLUS a small amount of currency (less gold/souls/glory than now since it is only an added bonus).


Or perhaps, like the lottery, it could have a chance of giving out better than you paid for it.


Honestly, keys should reward you for buying them. Getting back less than we put in feels like a slap in the face.


Agreed… odd design mechanic, surely…

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I think you have to be careful about this sort of thing, because it can turn into an infinite loop of buying more resources with the resources you just got. But perhaps, with the right balance, it could work… Not sure though.

I believe it is a gold sink to chase Traitstones.

I know I’ve opened 90k worth of gold keys trying to get some extra minor stones, just to unlock a few traits.

I think it is ok to get gold from gold chest & glory from glory chest.

But I get your point that if you buy them one at a time (instead of in bulk) then you may get less than you invested. I guess it depends on whether you should definitely be rewarded, or you take a risk for higher reward?

Perhaps they could alter it so that if you use one key, you cannot get a smaller reward of what was used to invest in the key. Could create an issue where people open one at a time to avoid the investment derivative, but if they have the extra time, then why not give them the benefit?

I don’t say you should make a gold generator. Maybe give out slightly more than invested, e.g. 350 gold per key. The chance to get gold is pretty low anyway so 50 gold keys won’t let you buy another 50 gold keys. The most logical solution would be to simply remove those rewards though. If you spend your money you want to get something for it. I don’t see how anyone would want those rewards anyway.

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am i the only one who likes the way gold keys are now instead of what they were before the update?

I’d rather see the rewards changed than increased. Replace the gold drop from gold chests with a glory key and the glory drop from glory chests with a gem key. Maybe tweak the distribution a bit so they don’t show up too often.


+1 to removing gold and glory rewards from the chests. Plenty of ways to earn those already and the chest mechanic has always been a ‘gamble to reward you with something progressive’.

I like the suggestion above of ‘the best reward’ being a key for the chest one tier above.


Yes that was an excellent idea.

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I agree with having a key for the next level chest as being a good idea. Getting less gold for the investment just doesn’t make sense.


We are doing some adjustments to gold from Gold keys, so you should get more gold than it costs to open a chest. Same with Glory keys, we hope to have it out later today.


That’s good news :smile:

Any chance that the inclusion of gold in Glory chests could be re-considered?
(also the removal of Gold from gold key chests)

Sometimes when you get gold from the chest it is more than the chest itself.