Gloom Leaf Thorns Trait idea

What if stoneskin was built in in Gloom Leaf Thorns trait were he Reduces damage from skulls by 50% and reflect all the damage taken from skulls?


+1000 for this idea.

I’d actually start using Gloomleaf if it had this feature.


It would probably make gloomleaf a bit too strong, seeing as he was already considered to be one of the strongest legendary troops when he had stoneskin and no thorns.

Edit: though i didn’t want to curb your enthusiasm, a bit too strong(not infuriatingly overpowered!) imho is much better than too weak to see much use, so keep on fighting for Ol’Gloom!

I personally think a combination of Armored and Thorns would be much better for Gloom Leaf. Reduce 25% damage, return 25% damage.


Not legendary though. Guess everyone would happily give up the damage reflection if Gloom had Stone Skin… which still wouldnt be legendary, but useful at least =P

I would keep it at 0% skull reduction, but increase the reflect from 50% to 200%.

I think it’d put Gloom on par with average Legendary traits (not OP, not weaksauce). I do think Gloom needs a better spell, though. The scaling has not kept pace with endgame stats.

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Thematically, it makes sense to me that he can absorb damage and reflect it. Now, maybe you could argue whether it should be 25% or 50%. But, as a legendary troop, I don’t think 50% is too much.

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Ah, it’s okay. :slight_smile: I don’t think that he would had been too strong with the Legendary trait I suggested in the currently meta. There is some great legendary traits out there, with this Legendary trait he would maybe have been among them.

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To be fair, 50% resist, 25% return is approximately what you get from Gorgotha, so it’s not unreasonable. They’re different troops and I don’t expect all Legendary third traits to be equal.

I mean, if we’re talking about sharing the love, look at poor KoS, or Sheggra.

When I started playing GoW Gloom was … not good … cause everyone’s stats were super low. Steal armor from everyone? Nice, but after 1 or 2 casts, no enemy had any armor left, nothing to steal =/

The higher stats at least solved this problem. You can steal tons of armor.

Yet I agree that Gloom is not overwhelmingly good. But at least he has a unique legendary trait he doesnt share with anyone. Take Jarl, Behemoth or Sheggra, their legendary traits are ridiculous. You can find at least 1 common or rare troop that causes the same effect.

You could change his 3rd trait though and add like 50% of his armor to the reflected damage. Not too OP cause it would wear off.

EDIT: Make thorns also give immunity to getting devoured. Cause no matter how strong or OP your traits are, that wont help vs. Broken Maw. Lets not derail this thread to an anti-maw-thread though.

My issue is that all legendary troops should be strong and unique. Instead, we have a couple of insanely strong legends like Maw. I mean he can devour on a freaking skull match. Yet, many other legends are either useless or weaker than cards with lower rarity. It would be great if we could get all legends up to the same level.


The first time I saw his trait, that’s how I thought it was supposed to work. They should definitely change it.

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I think 50% reduction, and lower the damage reflect to 25% would work nicely. It’s basically a better stoneskin. Though I do like Tacet’s idea of 200% reflect, would be great against full attack teams.

Second the idea of Thorns being immune to devour, at the very least have it inflict Lethal on the devouring troop, at least ol’ Gloomy drags someone down with him!


I love the idea of Gloom Leaf giving Maw indigestion. :laughing:


Guys, if we are giving him damage reduction then we need to UP the reflection if anything, unless we calculate the thorns before the reduction.

I was assuming thorns was calculated before reduction. Eg the attacker impales themselves on the thorns, causing damage based on their attack momentum, but Gloomy only feels a portion of it based on his tough skin.

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Good feedback, guys, thanks. We’d love to get ol’ Gloomy back into the meta.
We might experiment with some values for this and see what feels good.


That’s great news! Thanks @Sirrian