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Is gloomleaf worth traiting?

we have salamander, and thus red/green stones this week is it worth traiting the tree? he seems so much less scary than he did at level 15…

His unique trait and his huge are really nice, but he is limited to stealing only 2 attack from each troop, and he just doesn’t feel as strong as Treant.

I may not have found his niche yet. When he had stoneskin, he was really strong and intimidating to me, now he just doesn’t feel that way, and I can’t explain it.

I think I may combine him with Celestia and Emperina, but at that point, why even have Gloom Leaf around.

yea the loss of stoneskin and getting that legendary trait instead feels like a huge nerf.

To me his trait is to passive and to expensive to be worth the expense of grind. He is too soft and relies on the enemy attacking while not doing enough to boost himself.

For some reason Thorns seems scarier on paper then in practice. However it’ll trigger if Gloom Leaf has barrier enabled, he gets zero dmg while the attacker gets skewered. I also remember a thread stating that the Lethal trait on Archer will cause the Hero to self destruct against the Thorns ability, but how often would that happen?

Things might change once Console players start unlocking Legendary 3rd Traits (I literally haven’t seen a single one yet in almost 500 PvP matches) but I absolutely love seeing Gloom Leaf on the enemy Team. I just use Bone Dragon and wait for Corruption to be casted, then I get 20+ Skulls off of Strip Flesh. Easy wins every time.

so this week’s traitstones kinda suck :frowning:

It was Royalty to who posted that one if you want to chase the thread down. They are basically saying that since the archers trait does 1000 dmg to auto kill that the hero gets the precentage it return splashed back. I don’t like it personally, it’s the only time in the game that damage is applied at a value greater then damage and armor.

In my opinion, ANY chance to grab arcane traitstones should be seized.

Even if you don’t want to trait Gloomleaf, there are plenty of other red/green troops that need them!

they mostly kinda suck no? haven’t tried chimera cuz his ability crashes the game… but if my glory is gonna go towards bundles and stones I may as well be selective right?

Because you need traits to get stars on kingdom. That being said the ultra blue reward cards have the worst value for arcanes

I get that but since we just got traitstones on console I need all of em and while I have a stockpile of glory it won’t last forever.

Like Barbearius, Scarlett, Chimera, Salamander? I’ll pass. I don’t really like any of the Red/Green Troops. Might Trait up Chimera though, it’s a beast in Arena.

From my experience the game will crash on random Spells, and not be tied to a specific Troop/Spell. I’ve crashed about 6-8 times since the Update, nearly all of them from different Spell casts (and the only link I have found is that it’s a Spell being cast).

Mine’s already gone :frowning:

Good thing I can accumulate over 2,000 Glory a week so I can buy 6 of the Event Troops and ascend it.

exactly crap troops… I dunno chimra does it everytime for me but ai ones dont…none ofthe other troops I’ve used have…

the 4 marauder goblins

I’ve casted all of those numerous times and plenty of others a few times when i get “win with 4 pridelands” and what not.

I figureI’ll get a few anyhow as I tend to buy the bundle whenever i get the spend glory task.

I still have almost 25k glory… but certain color combos ill want a ton of… yellow/blue purp/brown to name 2…

I’ll defend Chimera. Full traits for the Arcane, with the burn and poison works really nicely.

Obviously this is not a Legendary troop, but at the level players can fully trait it, it can be a powerful troop.

The difficulty with Chimera is you need another direct damage dealing troop.

I run
Marsh Raptor

Now there are also some hero weapons that target weakest troop.

The Golem with inscribed adds a nice defense, plus his striping of quite a lot of armor helps soften all the targets up for Chimera.

The Dryad gives you Ok green generation, a nice heal, and barrier.

Marsh Raptor targets Weakest Enemy, and has Water Link for the Dryad!

Now this isn’t some super top tier combination, but it seems very solid for not having any legendary or epic troops, and I find it a blast to play.

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you really think the Golem’s spell is worth it? I usually don’t bother to cast it but then again I’ve got a kos in my group…

Short answer is yes.

hmm I’ve been thinkin of his spell as one of the worst in the game.

Wrong thread my bad