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[NEED MORE INFO OR PROOF] Woah... An Issue with Reflect...stop the presses! 😱

Hero was enraged but entangled… Forest guardian cast… 4 skulls allowed the hero to be cleansed… But despite the Enraged status, Gloom leaf still took my hero down with it when it died.

It’s been a long time since I thought the game was just straight up cheating… Then Green Tower of Doom week happened. And Oh my God… If we we were playing poker I’d have both of it’s hands chopped off by now.

Please finally figure out a way to get Reflect traits actually fixed or just remove it.

And it would be nice if it 10 weeks from the RFG meter wasn’t at 11 again for the next ToD.

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you know that gloom has the reflect skull damage trait, right?

hero was entangled, and enraged, can I assume you do a color to doom conversion?

more than 3 skull matches or a match with doom skull, even if your hero is entangled, will do a skull damage. This damage will be reflected by the trait…

With respect there are actual gaming bugs everywhere. They are so common we give up reporting them.


It’s not the fact they are common. That happens. It’s the fact the devs completely stopped providing feedback to bug reports.

And the Hero had Enrage. From the Game Guides:

Enrage Afflicts enemy Troops 1.5x extra attack Damage when matching Skulls and ignores Traits.

Shouldn’t this also negate the damage reflect of Gloom Leaf?

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I think they meant “ignores damage reduction traits” so it could be a case where the devs didn’t cared to clarify this particular and important detail.


Enraged “usually” and 99% of the event ignores Glooms trait just fine. It had to of bugged out due to being entangled when the skulls were made but cleansed due to them.

But yes. I’m aware of how the game works. Which is why I made a bug report and not. Hey can someone teach me how to play gems of war… report.

I see you are aware after reading but in case many others who don’t understand your horribly worded and terrible attitude bug reports, ive included how the mechanics work below.

In your scenario which I have replicated in testing, being enraged does not ignore ALL traits, it ignores those traits that would reduce incoming damage not outgoing. In this case doom gleaf can reflect back but a troop with reduce skull damage like Amarok will receive full damage(which it did).

Before hitting gloom

After Gloom

Before hitting Amarok

After hitting Amarok

Now the argument can be made that the spell is misleading, but that is par for the course so add it to the list of the many of traits and skills that need wording updates. But that is a valid argument.


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Are you aware that you aren’t a Dev and that only devs should be speaking on these bug reports?
Unless you have actually something useful to offer instead of yet another pedestal to try and goad my attention on? It’s getting rather annoying at this point.

Perhaps you can spend your time looking into the 3-4 other bug reports I’ve made about different variations of reflect not working correctly.

Or at least Complete reports that went ignored… So if the devs aren’t going to give a f to respond properly then I’m not going to give a f to report properly. But hey thanks for playing. :+1:

A similar thing happened to me, and I could repeat the process several times. I hit Gloomleaf with a 3 skull match - that’s not enough damage to kill me (or Gloomleaf) with reflect. But since I’m using Archer, it kills Gloomleaf because of the class trait. And with him, it also kills my hero… even though the initial reflect damage would’ve taken a quarter of my life only!

Working as intended…

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Yep, it does that, always has. It happened to me in GW once vs Wrath with Archer lethal on infernal armour killing my Rope Dart with my own Bullseye. Must admit to being irritated by it, as it cost me the battle…

It’s different than my bug since I was using Monk class.
Lethal counts as either 1k or 2k damage.
So % gets reflected back when using lethal skull damage against reflect.

Video or screen shots? Maybe something was missed? I use enrage almost daily and dont have problems with enrage against thorns, or any other reflect style trait.

I have posted many bugs and they don’t get fixed, but I would like to see what happened in this instance.

I play on mobile so I have to be just lucky enough to be already recording.
Xbox is great in that…oh shit a bug…let me go tell the system to start recording X minutes ago.
And there was nothing to SS after it happened other than both sides missing a troop.
Otherwise I would of provided both already.

But see @Kafka or any dev who the bug report is actually for. And not the jury of my peers.
Can go into my account based off the time I made the report and see if they can find the instance. Or they can replicate easily the scenario I described in the OP. If they find it and fix it. Great.
If they don’t… Then yes, I’ll have to raise my nanny cam game with Gloom Leaf more and more.

It sounds like you were saying that enrage would get reflected upon from gloomleaf, but your picture says it’s worked just like it is supposed to.

There may be some kind of app for that. Not sure, but maybe something to look into.

My phone has a built in recording device. But it doesn’t work like the Xbox recorder does.
As helpful as you may think you are being. Doesn’t it make more sense for you to look into it and then let me know if it exists before telling me to look into it?

I am at work for the day or I would test it. The picture above shows it working properly.

You are saying its thorns trait dealt 50% of the enraged total damage back at you on a single skull hit? There were no other skull hits on the board at the same time?