Gloom leaf feels weak


Gloom leaf is fully traited in team of rowanne , dryad, treeant but in pvp keeps losing to other teams?
And yes i do have six kingdoms at 10 soooo why is team Gloom leaf so meh? On Ps4


hes a pretty lame legendary… wa much better back when 15 was the cap… then whe was a good tank when traits got added. then he got a legendary trait and lost stoneskin… so now he kinda sucks those static numbers are just weak now… 2 attack per enemy just doesn’t mean much anymore…


No clue how it currently is on your version, but Gloom Leaf on PC/Mobile has always been a static 2 attack steal with armor steal based on magic. Gloom Leaf is only strong when it has the 50% skull reflect in the 2nd slot. The reason for this is to buff up before the first troop of the team dies. This works exceptionally well on PC/Mobile because there is a skull spam glitch that causes Gloom Leaf’s 50% reflect to work on the troop in front of it whenever the opponent skull spams. If the consoles do something similar it may be worth it.

The main thing that makes Gloom Leaf horrible these days is the high mana cost of 17 and lack of HP. The lack of HP can be fixed with buffs, but the card really needs a much lower mana cost in exchange for slightly less armor steal.


Replace rowanne with green seer and that’s the most annoying team I ever face on xbox


Yeah, gloom was my top troop back in days before the stat flood. Its steal of 2 attack was a massive hit on the other team while the gain made him stand out. When the troop stats got doubled/tripled without adjusting the ability no wonder it fell back to meh. along with over 90% of the other troops.

But plenty forum folks still heil all the lazy design, so the devs keep going that route.


hm my only complaint is his mana cost is too high, should be back to what it was prev and hes fine.


On console I have Gloom leaf fully leveled with only a couple of traits and he is a beast in the first slot of the team. Run gloom leaf with a gorgotha in 2nd slot if you have one.