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50% reflect trait problem

I was up against a troop that had 50% reflect trait (Gloom Leaf maybe) and he had 3 health.
My troop had 12 attack and I attacked him and I still took 6 damage as if I took 12 damage from him. How is this fair when I only took 3 damage, it even says 3 damage when I killed him.

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As I see it, reflect damage reflects what you do. Whether or not the troop can handle the damage output is besides the point.


But as he had 3 health left I only did 3 damage.

No, your thinking of it like Gloom Leaf is using his current Health to Attack you. (What if GL had 160 Health from a boost and not 3, should he do 80 damage (of course not))

Gloom Leaf is using the 3rd Trait ‘Thorns’ to reflect 50% the Skull damage YOU do back on your troop.

  1. Avoid Skull damage when battling Gloom Leaf
  2. Gloom Leaf is underpowered and needs a “rework” so look on the Brightside :slight_smile:

But as he has 3 health I can only do 3 skull damage.

Have you seen gloom leaf face? This buddy is not kind at all… That why this spell is sneacky!!:grin:

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Yeah, been bitten by that myself. Even though he only had 3 life left, if you did 50 damage you’d get hit with 25. Just the way the math works out unfortunately.