Question on reflect trait

Can I find out whether if your troop has reflect, will it take the damage reflected as well? i.e. 25% reflect means when receiving damage
a. take 75% damage; opponent take 25% damage (seems more like this)
b. take 100% damage; opponent take 25% damage

Also, if the troop with reflect dies on hit, does it reflect a percentage of damage it took or the full attack of the troop that attacked?

The attacked troop takes damage as it normally would, then the specified percentage of that damage gets applied to the attacker, even if the attacked troop died. Most prominent example is the Archer class third trait, it deals max damage, so when that gets reflected both troops involved tend to die.

It’s this one

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That’s pretty dumb. And I figured that traits that reduce skull damage does nothing to reduce reflected damage…which makes it less useful

Correct. Reflected damage does not count as skull damage.

The best counters to reflect damage are either barrier or Enraged.

Orrr having a ridiculous amount of defensive stats. *shrug*

Lethal don’t give AF about your defense stats. :wink:
(Insta-kill reflects as insta-kill)

Does not stun on skull dmg disable reflect dmg traits as well?

Or is it reflected anyway before stun clicks in?