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Global Chat not connected

I not connect to global chat.

Here you can not solve the problem, they sent me to the forum: https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/no-enter-global-chat/38576
At the forum, nothing really as prompted how to solve the problem.
The problem exists and I was kicked out of the guild because I could not write that I’m sick and I’m in the hospital and I can not play well.
How can I report my guild problems. I can not even contact her, and I can not contact the administrator of the guild either.
Let’s look for a solution to the problem, send it to the forum - it’s not good, if there can not be a solution.

There is still no solution. What am I to do then?

Hello @docdeath
I believe I have fixed this for you. Please relaunch your game and follow the instructions in this article to reconnect to your desired chat room. I think you were in 002.

Let me know how you go with this.

Your decision to enter the chat room in a battle does not help, the
error is the same.
Screenshot of the error in the battle I’m attaching

Hi Docdeath

Were you online when I sent that message that I had fixed your chat?

I’m always online

So did you restart the game after CYRUP messaged you?

Yes, I restart game

And you checked chat and it wasn’t accessible even after restarting the game, ok.

Yes, problem to connect chat. Tomorrow play on pc

When the error message appears, if you click Okay, what does it do? Is a loading circle appearing or nothing happen?

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  1. Restart game:

  2. I click on the chat icon:

  3. Is a loading circle:

  4. Error Message:

All the screenshots step-by-step did. More details are no longer

Hi Doc

Please close the game so I can access your account on the server and see what is going on.

I came out completely from the game

Thanks, give me a bit

write when finish please. And then breaking without a game begin))))

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Ok, you can access the game again now. I will follow this up with the team because it doesn’t seem like there is anything I can do on our end to directly resolve it immediately.

Have you had any other connection issues prior to the chat issue? Did you ever have these connection issues that were specific to your country awhile ago?

There were no strong problems, just troubles with the chat arose. Now I’m in the guild where there is an external channel for communicating in a discord. Therefore, the global chat in the game is not particularly important now.
Thank you.

Can you please ensure your account is linked and reinstall your game on Steam?

My account is guaranteed to be associated with Steam.
Well, I will completely delete the game, Steam, clean all the directories and reinstall the game.

Please note that Steam Cloud Saves are separate to our account linking.