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Changes in Russia affect connection to Gems of War

If you’re playing from Russia some recent political movements may affect your ability to connect to the game and play Gems of War. If you are affected by this issue you may receive a connection or server error when attempting to open or load the game.

Recently, the Russian government blocked a collateral amount of ISPs and communication services in an effort to stop the messaging app Telegram from use. There were concerns over the safety of the app and its link to terrorism. In doing so, the government inadvertently blacklisted access to Google, Amazon and millions of other IP addresses widely used across the country.

These changes have been made by the Roskomnadzor—Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media. As this affects the law and order of Russia and the decision is in the hands of the government, at this stage we are restricted in our ability to assist players with connection issues from Russians attempting to play Gems of War. Some of our servers are hosted by Amazon and other IP Addresses that are blacklisted by the government, so we have no timeline of when this issue will blow over or if we have the power to move our hosting so that Russians can play. Additionally, the full extent of how many users this affects is not clear, and it it may not be affecting all players.

We’re really sorry that this has occurred and that we can’t immediately help you get back into the game. We’ll continue to update you here if we learn more.


Could this be effecting others in Europe or anywhere else if routing goes through Russia?? Or purely those in Russia trying to connect to the game??

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Hello Smash, unfortunately we don’t know enough about the details of this issue in Russia to give you a suffice or accurate answer.

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I have had some conectivety issues (ticket sent and all) in these days that somehow resulted in loss of acess to account however I live in a country that has absolutely nothing to do with Russia and is far away from it. I know for a fact that this Russian situation has no effect on my problem since other people in my household can acess the game and their accounts without a problem, and so can I my temporary one.

(Edited: My situation has been fixed. Thank you! )

I’m from Russiia. It have begun yesturday. I can’t connect to my GoW account…

Hey there, as mentioned in the above post unfortunately these connections errors are currently out of our control right now. We’ll let you know if we find any solutions.

I’m from Russia, and now I have to use VPN to access the game servers. Looks like it’s the best available solution at this moment.


I was just about to suggest that to any Russians who happen to see this… USE A VPN until the issue is sorted if you Really want to get on Gems… Use whatever search engines you can for details on setting it up as im sure if i did so here it would be removed :slight_smile:
I sincerely hope the issue is sorted out soon for you all though :+1:

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Thanx, it seems the situation resolved… How to use VPN on Xbox?

Do you connect to Internet through a router? Some good routers can work as VPN clients. You just connect to a VPN server using your router, and all devices connected to your router then use Internet through VPN.

This started occurring 4 hours ago for me. Is this caused by this Roskomnadzor issue? How do I check if the servers are available for me? Someone give me their IPs so I can ping them.


Connection partly resumed (or I just got lucky with random not blocked server?), but it works pretty unstable.
For example, after treasure hunt or fight, I see a message “no connection” and have to click “try again” dozens of times to get back to the game and get the reward.
Pretty weird things happening with “fame” amount, sometimes I just not get it after winning and having significant amount as a reward or have it suddenly reduced without any reason…
Maybe, because of connection problems, the total number of fame is simply not updated on time, but I got the feeling that it is not increases at all in half of the cases.
One time I got a key in the reward but there were no new keys in redeeming section.
As I get it, game connects to the server to gamble reward for the player and connects once again to actually add the reward to account and problems with the connection could cause issues on both stages?
In the end, I think, it is better to refrain from playing despite the fact that I able login into the game somehow.
too frustrating…

Yeah this is stuffed RKN
I use VPN for play

use VPN, Windscribe, tunnelbear or something esle for free

I can’t tune my router, because it is controlled from the side of the provider. So, how can I use VPN on Xbox?

You must have a router that you control. So just buy a router with VPN support and connect Xbox to it.

There is mediator-organization which collects information about services which not work properly since mass-blocking.
https://rocit.ru/hotline (the fourth checkbox item “Блокировка IP-адреса (…)”)
They promise to negotiate with Roskomnadzor.
Everyone can submit info, from himself or anonymously about site/server which got unreasonably blocked.
Since I dunno exact server addresses or other details, I submitted only game site address with note that it is game itself not work properly.
I think, if someone with more precise info make a request, there will be more chances to get this issue looked into.