Does the server got issue?

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pc/mobile server

I got stuck on finishing my game, alternating between wifi and mobile data for a bit before finally restarting the game (upon which i got an error message of failing to contact the server)

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update : i turned on my vpn and i can connect to the game without any issue, so basically my ISP and my cellular network hates your server for some reason …

Same for me

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Same for me.
About 3 hours ago I had the same issue with my ISP (all other sites were working well), I switched to the cellular network and was able to play. In 20 minutes or so I was able to return back to my ISP.
About half an hour ago I got the same issue again, now both with ISP and my cellular network. All is back to normal now.
My guess is that’s an issue with the hosting of GoW servers, not with GoW itself.

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I don’t know if this is a regional issue. But it certainly affects the gameplay because of the time difference.

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I just got back home & the game had an error about SSL connection. Earlier it was having errors too, I thought one of them was a TSL error?
I was too sleepy/tired to think of screenshotting the errors.

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I’m glad I’m not alone on this

for menit’s intermittent, so sometimes i cant play unless i use VPN, then the next hour or next couple of hours i can play normally without VPN

Only affects my iPhone for me, my alt ran fine on the iPad. Very odd.