Can not login or even connect to the game servers and even forum


Platform, device version and operating system
Android, Xiao Mi mi5s

Simply put: i am unable to connect to any gemsofwar servers (game or forum) when i am trying to do so using my mobile internet connection(i.e. 4g etc). I still can connect through wi-fi tho…

For the reference: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Megafon as a service provider


Hi Cower

Can you please send through a screenshot of the server error you’re experiencing? When did this begin happening? Are you using a VPN or data managing app on your phone?


Yesterday the issue wasn there, but today its back again. Here is what happens when i try to login in to the game:
(Edit: eventually message disappears, but the game never actuslly launches)

And here is what happens when i try to browse the site:

Forgot to mention. No VPN and no data managing apps.


Hey Cower, can you have a go at this article - the steps may be a bit different for your Android - to ensure Background App refresh is on. Make sure Gems is closed and that you have completely powered off your device before doing so (this is simply a good idea by itself).

If that doesn’t work I’ve sent you a PM requesting more info.