Global Chat not connected


I do not use Steam Cloud Saves

  1. I remove game on Windows 7.
  2. I remove Steam.
  3. Delete all folders on my computer.
  4. I remove game on Android
  5. Install Steam.
  6. Install Gems of Wars on Windows 7.
  7. Linked to my account on Windows 7.
  8. Install Gems of Wars on Android.
  9. Linked to my account on Android.

Problem still exists.
Still I can not enter the global chat.


It sounds to me that you can’t reach the chat servers, like there is a block on them.

Maybe cyrup can suggest some network tests on your pc to see if you can reach chat server.


Perhaps fucking Roskomnadzor in Russia some IP addresses blocked. So I can not get into a global chat.


I did mention that earlier - were you affected by the initial IP issues caused by the problem? I’ll follow up with you in a PM. :slight_smile:


So how do I know if IP addresses were affected.
With the game, everything is fine, only with the chat problems arise, as if beats me altogether from the chat.
And what is written in the log files about me changing Logs? Can you analyze them?


Hi, I accidentally clicked on the global chat and it works