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Global Chat not connect

I not connect to global chat.

Here you can not solve the problem, they sent me to the forum: No enter global chat
At the forum, nothing really as prompted how to solve the problem.
The problem exists and I was kicked out of the guild because I could not write that I’m sick and I’m in the hospital and I can not play well.
How can I report my guild problems. I can not even contact her, and I can not contact the administrator of the guild either.
Let’s look for a solution to the problem, send it to the forum - it’s not good, if there can not be a solution.

There is still no solution. What am I to do then?

This is why every guild should have an out-of-game chat. They are fixing it in the next patch, so you either wait until then or you find a guild with an out-of-game chat to communicate.

I hope you feel better!!

I am sorry for the way your health is right now. I hope you are getting better soon!

What platform are you using?

Have you try linking the game to your account and then reinstall it?

Thx )))

Platform Android and Windows 7.
I reinstalled the game on both platforms from scratch. Everything is useless. Error connecting to chat.

I can’t help you further then. I hope you will hear back from support soon.

Thank you, but the topic has been hanging for over a month and no one can begin to solve it. In short it seems like you are playing - your problems.