Glacial Peaks Teams


So, to take a break from my PVP rants, I’d like to balance it with some positivity since there are a number of changes that I did like about the update. I love, love the treasure hunt change, the victory screen and the new kingdom art. I especially like the new troop, Tassarion, because I love building teams around magical damage. I’m excited to figure out a good team to build with him in it.

What’s your favorite troop from the new kingdom that you have?
What teams have you built with a new troop from Glacial Peaks (or with War)?


I would post it, but despite having saved up a huge amount of keys and gems i didn’t get any of the Glacial Peaks troops i wanted!
And yeah this is a not so subtle whine post :wink:


Tassarion is hilarious. I’ve got him + two Webspinners, + Ragnagord for filler colors and explosions. Charge Tassarion, cast on green… buffs Webspinners, charges them and sets up the board. Spam Webspinners until enemy dies.


After digging into my stockpile of keys, I ended up with all the troops except the legendaries or Yeti. Although, I think Yeti wasn’t in the chests anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: Tessarion was a nice surprise though.


I’ll have to try that team, especially since I just got Ragnagord last night. :smile_cat:


It mother-fing scales?! Even for a one-use spell that is ridiculous. I got my personal favorite troop from the new kingdom, I got snow sprite, though i want the winter wolf for “testing” purposes. Queen mab is under powered and a disappointment (for me anyway) and borealis is well i have a working theory about him that might be story related.


Why do you think Mab is disappointing? I don’t have her, but her spell description sounds like it could be very powerful in the right team.


Can’t test it myself but faced a couple of Queen Mabs, and if anything she seems a bit overtuned. Judging by her base magic her damage is just a bit less than Behemoths without any mana burned and potentially much more than his, with the very real chance for an extraturn…


That’s more inline with what I expected. I assumed she’d end up being one of those troops people always cry about nerfing weekly.


I am looking at queen mab at base level (aka level 1 no ascension) mana burn all enemies plus 1 magic is only good against maybe goblins if mana burn does true damage to the opponent. Most troops have either high health or high armour and smaller mana pools. Her spell is extremely variable (i am not a fan of variable but i am of absolutes). Her extra turn is not guaranteed and does at worst case 1 damage to troops. Her spell might be extremely worth the 15 mana it costs but maybe against a team that fronts gorgotha or goblins. She makes a good counter with her traits but on 4 or 5 gem matches. Immune to frozen seems underwhelming as well but it is par for the course from this kingdom in question. Now her 2n’d trait is the most interesting. The best trait any magic user could have. Arcane is in my honest opinion the best trait any troop can have that uses magic. Compare her third trait to bone dragon’s or boralis’ spell and it seems like she is good but i expected overpowered scream for the nerf bat. Good troop but not great. I might make a post about borealis and my thoughts on him and my belief that he is connected to bone dragon.


Ok, I see your point now. However, I’m inclined to think that a leveled up Mab will be an asset against some of the more dangerous troops that have a high mana cost if she is paired with a blue mana creator. Plus, I think she actually has good traits. She’ll surely be a troop that you have to use strategically. It wouldn’t make sense to cast her when the troop only has 1 mana filled


I think the whole crew from glacial peaks is going to be great assets when properly leveled up. It seems over kill but since the goblins have returned we have at least 8 new counters to them. She is par for the kingdom and the kingdom is strong as heck (based on my own experience with the storyline sending out fully leveled and fully traited teams.


I know the feeling… 900 glory keys, 3500 gems, no Queen Mab nor Borealis…

A bit sad :frowning:

But I did build a beast team :
Winter Wolf
Giant Spider

Winter wolf with his 3rd trait will deal *4 damage to the troop he freezes plus hunter marks !


Yeah loving the Winter Wolf, the art and its spell. Wish i had more copies of him though to ascend…


I wish i had one.


I forgot to mention Winter Wolf. That the other one that I have and like. I’m curious how big his HP is when it’s maxed out. That third trait will be nice if he can withstand a bit of pounding.


I’ve got the coveted Queen Mab, but I’m not sure why everyone says she’s so great. She seems pretty good, but I’m not sure who to team her up with. Right now I’ve got the following team with her:
Knight Coronet
Queen Mab
Giant Spider or Sunweaver
Blue/Blue banner
Now, I’m not that great at team building. So, I’m sure there are way better troops to put around her. I’m just not sure how good she really is. @Tacet speaks highly of her though. And he seems to know more about the game than me so…

Edit: switched out the Knight Coronet with Winter Knight. Seems like a better fit. And I put sunweaver in the back for support.


It’s Mab’s third trait that makes her killer. Freeze a random enemy on 4 or 5 gem matches. I’ve encountered it a few times and it’s painful.

I got lucky & got a Borealis. I was super excited, leveled him up to 19… but didn’t immediately fall in love. The mana cost is pretty high & the actual damage he does is pretty low.

I’m sure SOMEONE will think of something amazing with him, but a traited Mab will probably do more freezing than Borealis over the course of a game.


Her Arcane trait isn’t something to overlook either, as it means scaling all !

Last but not least, she has one of the very few spells that deals damage to all and can (rather easily with the right team) get you an extra turn !


Can you replace treant with queen mab in the infinite turns deck?