Video: Glacial Peaks Troop Showcase

Hello everyone! Instead of doing the normal event week video in which I go over the event troop, I decided to go over the entirety of the Glacial Peaks Kingdom.


i cant wait to watch this. i have it q-ed up.


I couldn’t help but when i saw your troops i was impressed with the ammount and looking at your Winter Wolves i thought: “Wow, so many Nimhains…”

Very troops. Much @Nimhain. Wow. :wink:


I like the look of the first Mab team, but wonder what might be a good alternative for the second Queen.

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Winter Imp if you have it fully traited. Psion could work too. Neither is as efficient though.

Great video, thank you :slight_smile: Love me some Glacial Peaks–especially Mab! I came across something similar to your double Queen team on defense today and started messing around with it on offense. Greatly effective, especially when you can arrange to activate both Queens on the same 10 or more blue gems.

Just curious, why purple/yellow instead of blue/red? I have been running red/blue today and that plus Water Link helps to fill the Queens when I cannot get Valkyrie filled. I am not claiming it is better, I just wanted to know what your thinking was on the banner.

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its been noted else where in the forums that the ai takes your highest +mana flag.

so having purple/yellow gives gives it a +1 blue (valk), while purple is +1, yellow is +1, and brown is +1. so the computer gets confused.

if you have blue red gives +2 blue, +1 red, +1 brown. This means the computer tries to take blue matches when it cant make a 4 or 5 or skull match.



Appreciate it, Kzintiwife. I have read that, too. Thank you for the reminder. That makes sense.


Yeah, Queen Mab is ridiculous on defend. I know that defends are currently broken, but I have found the following defend team to have a decent win rate (counting the number of “wins” that gives 4 souls shows that it is winning the most of all the defend teams I have set thus far):

Dust Devil
Order and Chaos (Archer, +2 magic)
Queen Mab
Gree/Purple Banner

Gorgotha stops the initial skull spam. Dust Devil displaces the team for those that aren’t paying attention to the enemy lineup. DD also does some good chip damage and gives more mana to Gorgotha. Order and Chaos does a decent chunk of damage to the last 2 enemies. What makes this weapon particularly good is a lot of people run Bone Dragon in one of the first 2 slots. They will get knocked to the back by Dust Devil where Order and Chaos will do 2x damage to dragons. Archer has fast, so one green surge match fills the initial weapon after DD. Archer also has the 15% chance to instantly kill an enemy making it counter a maw if the enemy decides to devour the Gorgotha instead. All the while Queen Mab just keeps getting larger from the rest of them casting and will ultimately be the troop that finished the other team. She gains a lot of bonus attack between Gorgotha’s mana accumulation, DD with empowered, and Hero with fast. She of course also has the annoying 4x/5x freeze. The banner is also set so the AI will take minimal blues, so between that and Gorgotha’s ability she should be getting an extra turn on most casts.

Though most defend teams have a blue troop anyways, so it will take blue 3 matches often regardless when there are no 4,5,skull matches on the board.