Glacial Troops Event Task plea

Good day fellow warriors,

It has come to my attention this entire week that there is a huge lack of glacial troops in ranked pvp battles.

Now I know everyone who will read this post will reply with the following “I have 4 low lvl glacial troops as my defense team” To you I say thank you but for some reason I have literally seen 0 all week.

From what I learned in my short time playing this game is that it’s a common courtesy to help one another with these event tasks.

Please put as many glacial troops in your defense team as possible for the remainder of this week.

Thank you.


Also note you can get these event stones from challenges and quests this week, not just explore and PvP. The final Glacial Peaks challenge has four Glacial Peaks troops.


True and I did all that, I would like to hit the 200 mark and the pvp gold is too good to not do, especially for a newer player who is trying to contribute to a guild and level kingdoms.


The strat I’ve seen a lot of people post on previous weeks is to spam refresh on Casual PvP, or always take the weakest match on Ranked and clear it as quickly as possible if there are no GP teams available. The 4x Glacial Peaks teams are out there, so it is just a matter of running into them.

Spamming refresh is not practical for me due to gem cost but I will try taking out the weakest teams till I hit the glacial ones. Thanks.

Spamming refresh on casual PvP only costs 50 gold each time. You’ll get about 25% less gold per battle for Casual matches than on ranked, but it is a good way to fish out specific teams and still get a decent amount of gold.

Oh this I didn’t know. Thanks.

I did nothing but ranked PVP this week, I completed the event on Wednesday.

I did 300 trophies in pvp, and only had about 150-200 towards event, so I finished them off with explore/challenges.

If more people helped each other, we would all progress quicker together. I agree with the original OP, do your part and help the game.

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Yeah, I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t do their part. I’m just saying that I was able to complete the event easily just doing PVP. I’ve got 456 trophies this week.

As @Mithran described above, I just did 100 challenges on “Let It Snow” so I didn’t have to rely on other people’s teams. People are doing their part but the match selection process can get in the way so I completed the event in the easiest manner possible. Won’t work every event though.

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I have actually found a lot of all Glacial Peaks troops in pvp and have others mentioned, if there isn’t one, fight the lowest team and presto more stone producing teams appear. It’s good to see quite a few players helping each other out.
Can get on quite a run in pvp before running out of Glacial Peaks teams, it’s been a fun week, thanks to those who put together a nice variety of teams

I don’t know about “so many”, but it is good to see some people helping others out. Mine are event troops as well.


Well it’s certainly catching on and has taken much of the tedium out of playing pvp.

I do have 4 glacial troops on defense, but they are not low in level. All my glacial troops are fully leveled and traited so I couldn’t offer that.
But as far the event goes, you can aim to get to 200 event points. Getting another 200 for just 6 event keys isn’t really worth that much.

I’ve been seeing nothing but minimum of 2 per team. I hit 200 eventgems on Thursday.

I would rather they were not too low level, the rewards of beating a higher point team making it more worthwhile. So thanks Don

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I finished Thursday by playing Casual and Ranked PVP. GP Challenge was too annoying having to keep going back in each time. Besides, I can always use the gold and trophies for my guild.

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