Lets all work together on ps4 (xbone too if applicable)

This week’s event to collect snotstones requires you to defeat red troops in pvp. I played pvp last night for 2 hours and saw very few red troops. In fact at one point more than half of the snots i had managed to get were from multiple battles against the same person (thank you @Graeme).

My defense is 4 red troops because i want to help my fellow gemmers out. I am not even asking for people to set 4 lv1 red troops. Make it challenging and creative but please make it red.

Thank you


Your joking? Most of the guys in our guild did it in around an hour, two max. Casual pvp?


No ranked



Do casual mate. I usually put an event defence up but there’s two reds in there for you to kill.


I have 1 set and I played about 40 matches and hadve about 60, this week won’t be to bad as we only need 150.

It’s not a meta defense either.
Gloom leaf
Green seer

I’m testing to see its efficiency.


Well, I setup a full team Red Orcs this week for the “Save the Forest” Event right from the start. So I’ve been doing my part on the X1.

@Vangor Keep in mind even the a Meta team like Justice League is worth 1 Event Stone for Valkyrie. Might I suggest you look inside each team and don’t just play 3T, but chose based on the Event Stones.


I set up my 4-red team first thing yesterday but there are relatively few people that have done likewise on PS4 (at least among those that I’m seeing). Still, I’m picking up at least one per battle and often more, so it is going pretty quickly. I won’t have any trouble hitting 150 after getting to Tier 1 and then just doing my GW battles and a few more PVP’s here and there.

I did pick up a few 4x from @Graeme’s Four Musketeers team, as well. Thanks!


Also don’t neglect Dragon teams using TDS as they will be worth more than 1ES in the long run due to ‘Possession’.


1 got 70 stones in 90min of ranked pvp
I think 150 is way too few for such an easy event to complete.

However it would be good to get an event key or something like that for every 100 over. I liked the event because some people don’t want the sodding thing to take all week. I think the update will bring more content like dungeons, so they’re going to have to make the events more like this one or there’s going to be too much time commitment for one game imo.

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I managed to do the event on day 1 in an hour or so. Loads of red troops were popping up in casual pvp. I have 2 in my defense if that helps anyone out :+1:

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Same here it was quick with tds reviving 4-5x