Give us a chance to get Older Weapons


Still, EF is far to be vital, on delve Ubby still work somehow cuz he use everyone attack so also enemy one, personally am more for the slower and safer approach, so if i can pick betwhen EF and YasPride i would pick second one, at least i wont fear the charm rooms (the stupid lamia’s room was cause of one of my fails on lvl 200 fac run the last event, with deepking keeping boosting my troops attack lol).

Overall dont really like the squishy teams (even tho i used mang/apo/keeper/tpk on 2 of them) a single wrong move mean game over with 1 of you troops 1 shotted.

Tod is quite more easy than delve seen you can lose troops and even change team betwhen figths.

Ps: with the ursine weapon also Rowanne can do insane damage, 2k + base damage (but had hero 1 hitted on ai first turn this time on boss room lol).


对对对 我要奶盾 我要弓 我要护器


As Sirrian asked in the Q&A, I feel that this thread is the best compilation of all thoughts from the community on how to address the old weapons issue.


At this point, weapons should be made available somewhere -> anywhere, then can be sorted out later to be streamlined.

Even chucking them into gem chests or VIP chests is better than nothing.


Man, I am so disappointed Earth’s Fury is not available this week. Here’s the thing: I don’t blame the developers and I don’t blame the middle guy that posts in here sometimes. I blame the decision maker- the one guy that ok’s this stuff. I don’t believe for a second it takes a lot of planning to get Earth’s Fury out into the store and that thing about looking for a long term solution rather than a stop gap is just flat out BS.

Am I irked? Yes. Not because I didn’t get the weapon but because I think they’re treating us like idiots by coming up with a lame excuse as to why I can’t blow my money on a weapon in their game.

There is a bright side to this though… the game made my decision very easy this week. That chunk of money I was going to spend on the game just went into skins for my black ops game. Jeah I’m only one guy. Now multiply that with everyone here that wanted it. Still might not be enough. Now add all the players that don’t bother to post on these forums… the game just lost a lot of money simply because the decision maker has no business sense.


Sorry, that’s not acceptable, as it will require real money investment, especially for the VIP packs.


After analyzing numbers, there is no way they would ever part with an event weapon for $5.

Let’s take the following into account:

  • During a fresh event, the weapon is on tier 3, which is 30+70+150 = 250. 250 gems sells for about $20 during most of the time. Flash sales can drive this lower, but let’s always take worst case scenario.
  • There needs to be some sort of “newcomer tax”, something that makes veterans proud they’ve been with the game (and probably have spent money during their tenure). Something that also keeps people wanting to get these weapons when they’re new. If it ever gets cheaper to purchase something later than it does immediately, people will wait and revenue/sales goes down.

We can observe the cost of crafting an item in the soulforge now for a current item: 200 diamonds + 2 celestials + 2 sets of gems. For the Sunday dungeon deal, you can buy 150 diamonds for $5. So let’s round all of this up and say a new weapon is available for $10 that week, in this situation, you do not get any sigils for the event, which generally allow you to get rewards.

So a current weapon is about $10-20. How much should an old weapon cost? Probably somewhere around $30. What does this mean? It would probably be around 300-400 diamonds or so. Maybe crafting weapons could require a different reagent (other than diamonds). We already have ingots used to upgrade, so maybe “Krystarian Ore” or something thematic. Let this ore be purchased in the shop, or as a reward in events, delve rewards, tier purchases, etc

So my final question is what kind of ideas are the devs looking for? I’m genuinely interested in hearing (they can keep numbers to themselves), what they don’t like about the soulforge or these other mechanisms. In the Q&A they mentioned: “what if GOW goes on for 10 years?”. Well, they seem to be happy with the model for mythics they’ve released all this time being in the soulforge. It seems that this solution checks off all the boxes in what they’re looking for.


You don’t only get the weapon when you buy Tier III. You also get sigils, troops, etc. It’s disingenuous to claim that the cumulative cost of the weapon is entirely for the weapon. And there already is a newcomer tax on these weapons: if you don’t buy them immediately, you lose the opportunity to play with them during an event they might be really good for. You’re stuck waiting a while to see if you want to spend $5 on the pack when you could have had it for gems at first.


Best way to get them to do something about this weapon issue.

  • STOP spending money on GoW and submit a ticket stating exactly why you stopped.

Currently, the devs spend 90% of their time making changes that no one asked for. The other 10% begrudgingly making the changes that the game actually NEEDS (based on consensus).


What kind of ticket, and will it do anything? Because yes, I am done spending, and I want to let them know it is because of the old weapons issue, not because I can’t afford it. They always claim they want “actionable data”. Wonder if we should just make an announcement here and in our guild discords and everywhere else exactly what phrase to put into the ticket so they can query it and find out how much it means to us.


They already have. Divine Protector was $5 a while ago.

No it won’t. They have already said they are discussing the best way to bring these weapons back.


Forum posts can be ignored. Tickets cannot.


Until you come up with a long term solution you need to figure a way to bridge the gap. There isn’t any game that can survive with its current playerbase without attracting new ones, and lack of old weapons that are used excessively for events and delves is really restricting.

Looking for long-term solutions is not that good of a reason either. No solution is set in stone, you can change it. Here is a suggestion: Have a Black Market, where people can filter the type of weapons, and have the option to pay(to get immediately) or craft (to put some effort).

Either way waiting 35 weeks for a weapon to roll out is ridiculous by itself.


As opposed to the weapon packs they’re selling now for $5 anyways? They aren’t free during the weekly events either, only in the form of gems or crafted in the forge with Diamonds which is an even higher cost value.


You’re generalizing too much, and you took my statement out of context. I was saying this only in the case if they would remove the Mythics from the Event Keys.
If you ask me, you should be able to unlock the weapon that’s presented or pay for it with real money.

Example: Win 1000 battles in the Explore mode. If you don’t want to grind, you could still pay $5.

That would be ideal, as you have a choice now on how to obtain a specific weapon.


At this point I wouldn’t mind if they just flat out ask for money. I just want a way to get earth’s fury. The way they have been handling this has been borderline insulting.


Either cash or new currency, because soul forge needs an upgrade to implement. If you could craft the new weapons with gems or diamonds they could just slip in the weapons server side.


Either cash or new currency, because soul forge needs an upgrade to implement. If you could craft the new weapons with gems or diamonds they could just slip in the weapons server side.

This is what makes all of this frustrating. They have the technology to create new “recipies” for the items, I’m almost certain it’s a database entry on their side. They have the technology to offer stuff for sales, flash sales.

They could have a 5 hour conversation on what they want to charge, and just implement it. I’m not sure if this is a coding/tech issue that’s taking so long, or a business decision. It just seems really off that after months and months of knowing we want this, they’re still in “deliberations”. I am at a loss as to why this is taking so long. Many of us seem perfectly happy with a soulforge implementation (at least the ones vocal enough to come to the forums and give their feedback, who are probably the most vested and spend the most real money on this game).

I know they have raised concerns about the soulforge “having a lot in it”. Do any of us really care if we have to scroll a lot to find things? You would have to scroll through it a few times to craft EF, Flammifer, DP, Trickster’s Shot, and not come back. Put the weapons in the soulforge now, and then do a UI update later.


This feels more like seeking an excuse than anything else. I don’t mind scrolling down at all.
They are making things complicated where they should be simple.


Scrolling ain’t so bad on a short-term basis, and longer-term maybe they could implement the filters from the troop/weapon/pet pages in the team composition screen?