Give us a chance to get Older Weapons


The problem with making cash the only way to get old weapons is that now that there are several “required” weapons (Earth’s Fury, Yasmine’s Pride, etc.) it could be argued that there is effectively a paywall in place. I’m sure there are people willing to drop $5 on a weapon, but that shouldn’t be the only way to get them.

Whatever solution they’re coming up with really should have an option that doesn’t require a real money payment. Whether it’s a Soulforge recipe or a mountainous grind or a flat Gem cost doesn’t matter. Offer a money option too, but leave the door open for F2P players. Nothing that can impact a player’s performance during a match should be exclusively paywalled.


Ok so I have only been playing this game for about a year but aren’t there weapons that can only be obtained through paying already?


Yes, but until more recently none were as OP as what’s available now. Even so I’ve always been a proponent of having a “non-$5” option. Nothing that affects player power should be behind a hard paywall.


Based on Sirrians comments it looks like the old weapons will be eventually added to the Soleforge at some point in the future. My Guess is only a few will be offered each week so the player would have to have the New resource (to be added to the game) and wait for the window of opportunity (basing this off comments and past releases)


Ok so if it happened before I personally have no problem if they want to charge for it. I get that there are f2p players out there but just because they don’t want to buy it doesn’t mean I can’t. I just want earth’s fury and if it goes on sale for gems, diamonds or even real money I’ll take it. If money is what they’re after I don’t see why they can’t give players that choice.


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