My feedback on Gems of War


Now that I am well over a 1000 levels into the game, I thought it is time I gave some feedback.

First of all, I like the basic game. It is a match 3 that provides some extra meat to the game play through the troops, weapons and classes. Very nice. But I feel there are some things that are just missing or are, imho, not quite right. Don’t get me wrong here, I like the game a lot but these are some things that in my opinion needs work.

Let’s get into this.

1. Buying gems.
Here I feel there is too large a gap between 240 gems and 650 gems. I feel it would serve many players well to get an extra option in between these at the $ 35,00 range for 450 gems. The problem here is that it now requires 2 purchases and this is just plain annoying. I think this gap could be filled nicely with an option as proposed.

2. Skulls
Now I realize that not everyone will agree on this but I feel that the computer, especially in the later event matches, miracles far too many skull matches as well as skull matches in PVP have too powerful an effect in this game. I’m not saying that this should be removed but I could do with toning it down a bit. Also, if the game takes a bit longer the computer seems to generate more and more skulls. This is annoying. Stop that.

3. Weapons
Some weapons are just too good in the hands of the computer. Life and Death is an example of this but also Rope Dart for example. It feels like almost all weapons are nicely balanced in this game but these two in particular just stick miles above rest. Sure, I can’t wait to get my hands on them if they remain unchanged but personally I rather see them changed to reel them in a bit. Something is off when I play PVP and I notice the opponent is using one of these and I just automatically back out simply because I am not interested in dealing with their nonsense.

4. Thief Class
Again, I am aware that not everyone agrees on this but I just find it so irritating when the Thief Class is ran with all the spawning options. You kill someone and if it isn’t a Sister of Shadows that procs then it’s a Bandit or a Heronath and it is just a pain in the ass to deal with. Also, I have noticed with Backup, the one that spawns Bandits that sometimes the computer seems to just go nuts with the spawns. It happens a bit too much to make me think that it is actually 25% chance.

5. Math errors
There are many math errors in this game, sometimes in my advantage sometimes in my disadvantage like when in an attack someone and you or the opponent deals more damage than they actually should which is meh but there is something wrong with the tribute assignment where the tribute is always miscalculated. For me it is most noticable with my home kingdom Whitehelm which I of course choose for the double glory. But the strange thing is that even though every level provides 1% bonus tribute up to level and including level 10, the total tribute that is paid out is always wrong as it it is always paying out 43 glory at (currently) level 13. I have no way of arriving at the conclusion that it should pay out 43. This should be 44.

6. Packs
About the Growth Pack, Path to Power and Path to Glory packs. I really would like to fork some money over to you guys for one of these but if I were to buy a pack, I would mostly buy it for the Legendary or Mythic. What I don’t like about these packs is that I get zero choice in what legendary or mythic I get. Personally I would be much more inclined to make a purchase if I could choose the mythic that I want or at the very least generate a selection for me to choose from. I have had it happen far too often in other games when I randomly get one of the five mythics that I already have and with three of which I already have a duplicate while theres god knows how many that I dont have. This makes me steer clear of these. Especially for the mythic, I should just be able to choose which one I want. The randomly assigned this does not fly at this price point.

7. Filters
With weapons and troops, I noticed a “Save Filter” button. It seems that I cannot have it so that the filter I set a sort by base rarity filter for weapons AND a sort by level filter for weapons. I would like to set these individually as one seems to overwrite the other. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue to fix this one.

8. Events
Events and in particular Raid, Invasion and Tower of Doom have a nasty habit of not so much being about skill but rather whoever throws most gems at it. This is a shame. I have no immediate solution for this and I get that the devs need food on their table too but the leaderboards for them are absolutely meaningless and I am sure that a good solution could be made for this because right now all the leaderboard shows is who threw the most money at it.

Well, that is about all I have time for for now so I hope you find this feedback useful.

Kind regards,



What about the flash offers for gems? They are almost always the best deal on gems. Even though they are limited, buying every flash seems to be the cheapest way to get gems.

The reason for strong weapons and troops is so the veterans that hardly ever lose can have at least some challenge. Saying that, everything in game has a counter if you look hard enough. Life Death is a faction weapon so no reason not to have it and I think you can get it this month on the last Tuesday I believe. Rope you will have to wait unless you get it in flash offer.

I assume you have Kingdom Power between level 2 and 7, so double tribute reward?

Interesting. I’ll take a look at what I get during my next tribute (hopefully get a Whitehelm).

I dont think I have ever gotten a double tribute award. Its never been anything other than 43 glory. My power level (PL) is 6. I dont think the double tribute chance actually works. I mean, you get one at PL2 and another at PL4. I’ve literally never seen it trigger so either it is stupidly small or it is not working at all.

Whether or not I have them is not the point of what I was saying, I know I can get them sooner or later. My issue with them is that they are disproportionally powerful and imho they need to be reeled in a bit. I don’t care why they are disproportionally powerful. That is not relevant. The problem is that fact that they are.

Also, if that truly is the reason for them to exist then that is a serious design flaw as that negatively impacts the rest of the player base. The people who you can actually still make money off. Veterans aren’t buying anything. They already got it and if they don’t, they can use any of the numerous in-game methods to acquire it, what “it” is. I know, there have been plenty of games where I was a top dog and that is always the case. Just bad for business to do it like that.

If the problem is lack of content for veterans, make something that doesn’t put off the rest of the players. An example off the top of my head would be to create a dungeon where the AI cheats it’s ass off like it does when you get high up in an event (really think that is neccesary, devs?) and give the AI units stupidly high stats as well as well designed decks to play with and tie great rewards into that so there’s a reason for people to play.

But to be honest, I simply do not believe that is reason they were created. I just think these are badly designed.

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The double tribute chance (PL4) doubles the chance of getting a tribute, not the chance of getting an increased tribute. PL2 is double tribute reward.

In any case, I also calculated it to be 44.
10 (base) x 1.1 (Kingdom Level 10) x 2 ( Kingdom Power 2) x 2 (Home Kingdom) = 44. It does seem bugged if you keep getting 43.

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Every time dude

I didn’t not believe you… I was helping prove your point.

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Oh I didn’t mean it like that, I just happened to pick up my tribute and saw Whitehelm was in there. Figured a screenshot of the bug might by useful for the devs.

Gotcha, sorry.

I’m pretty sure there’s a mistake in my calculations. The 10% from Kingdom Level is for tribute chance, not reward so it should only be 40. I’m missing something else…

Not an argument for anything.

That doesn’t change the fact that they are still ridiculous weapons.

That is not what a veteran is. That is what a whale is and that is a completely different story.

Sure, I’ll agree to that. Thing is that making overpowered stuff is not the route to take.

I agree
We’ll see how long it takes to flag ur next mild criticism
I thought I was gonna see something fd up when I looked…nope just “you need to learn how to play the game”
Be still my heart…oh the humanity

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Since you don’t have the decency to respond with something that actually makes sense, I will simply point you to the title of my post: “My feedback on Gems of War”. MY feedback. Get it? Good.

And public feedback is open for others feedback


I’m a noob and I say make the game harder. It’s too easy. Dont tell me to quit and go play a different game either. I like this game and where its heading. If they make an empowered troop that’s spell says kill target team than I will be in here complaining along with you, but until then this is one or two weapons and just because they make the game a bit more challenging does not mean they need to start nerfing. Just wait until they make troops with counter spells. Lol, good times.

If Rojo actually has an opinion, which I sincerely doubt, then he can voice it in a normal way instead of being a clown towards me for voicing my opinion. He can say whatever he wants but insulting me over my opinion on two weapons is ridiculous and I will not have it. All I did was give him a taste of his own medicine but even that he doesn’t seem to understand given his reaction.

Also, he keeps making these wild assumptions like I don’t use counters to handle particular decks which is of course complete nonsense. Nowhere did I say that I can’t handle them. All I said was they stick out like a sore thumb when it comes to power level and it would serve the game to balance that out a bit. Then he comes along and starts spewing his deranged imaginings about me, my skills and ability to deal with said weapons. And I am supposed to take him seriously? Really? Really really?

Yeah, not going to happen.

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Nothing wrong with making a game hard as long as it is fair.

There are ever increasing difficulties in battles as time goes on…factions, weekly events, challenges, and soon to be explore
I’d rather have them make the 600 useless troops useable, then nerf the few things that are slightly better than the 100 useable ones

Long time players have seen the trend, people who lose to tough teams in pvp/GW ask for nerfs
They do it sometimes, and it becomes worthless for the difficult events
Then people complain that it’s pay to play because they don’t have the mythics needed to win high level events,as they are the only good troops that can still do it

People complain it is pay to play (or well, at least I do) for reasons such as point 8 of my original post. I personally do not think being able to get cards by throwing cash at it is P2W. You will never hear me say that. In fact, in my original post you see me support that under point 6.

I do think balance is important though. And I think in the case of L&D and RD the balance has been upset too much. There is a difference between “WOW! That card is really good!” and “WTH all that from one card?!”. All I am saying is bring those two down from the latter to the former. In the case of L&D that can simply be achieved by removing the blessing. Still a really good card then, just doesn’t tower miles above the rest. As for Rope Dart, all that at only 14 mana? No wonder I keep encountering the same deck over and over again…

You see, the downside of cards like this is that you keep encountering the same decks over and over. You can tell me all you want but that is boring as hell. Last GW I encountered RD decks about half of the matches. That tells me something is off. By a lot. But hey, I am not asking anyone to agree, as long as you are civil and have proper reasons then that is fine.