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Feedback from a level 977 player

About me, to put my feedback into perspective:
(Mostly for the devs, you can skip down to the Feedback section if you don’t care that much but are still interested in my perspective)

I’ve been playing gems of war for about two months now, played a lot in the first weeks and progressed rather fast through the game and content to this point.

I’ve joined a high level guild family so I’m in a fully active guild. We finished first in our bracket, about rank 260 last guild war.

I’ve got all my kingdoms at level 10, 7 at Power Level 5, 9 at PL4, and all others at PL2.

I also put some money into the game, more than I usually spend on games like this, for the Deathknight Armor, Growth Pack II, Path to Glory II, and a few smaller tidbits.


The game has been a lot of fun starting out.
I really enjoy the team building aspect and how the events mix things up and force you to think outside the box.

Progression has been smooth so far, involving a lot of grinding and steadily slowing down but also offering enough carrots to keep me going so far.

This is where it starts to become problematic for me at the point I’m at though:

Even though there are lots of ways left for me to increase my strength through a ton of grinding Kingdoms PLs, Delves, Find more Mythics and a few other important troops I’m missing… eventually getting Zuul’Goth… there are hardly any challenges left that don’t just involve more grinding just for the sake of it, it seems.

I already contribute my fair share to getting all the rewards from Guild Events. Getting even deeper in there so increasing in power mattered, even if my guild doesn’t need me to, requires a pretty huge amounts of gems and again grinding through all the weak levels to even get to the hard stuff.

I also can get all the rewards from single player events if I just put enough gems into them and stomach the grind. Usually do faction assaults which require hardly any gems to finish and offer nice rewards but skip Class Trials as they just seem too grindy for the rewards they offer.

During Guild Wars I do loose some fights but it hardly matters in our bracket that I only contribute 50k instead of 56k points, all that matters is that the guild is fully active and you understand how scoring works.
Becoming really powerful only seems to matter in terms of rewards for the top 10 guilds, so it’s not very engaging and not offering much of an incentive for me to keep grinding and get stronger as getting into the top 10 is just too far out there.

Delves sure get hard at high levels but they’re also just a seemingly endless grind for a few more stat points.

Max level explores are still somewhat hard for me to comfortably and efficiently grind for high rarity medals and efficiently get rewards out of them, but even once I get there, it’s once again just another grind.


Even though there is a lot of grinding left for me to grow stronger, what for?

The only things waiting for me once I reach these additional power milestones involve even more grinding.

There is hardly any fun challenging content left outside of grinding more and deeper.

So at this point for me it starts to loose its luster to keep going.

What would keep me motivated would be gameplay elements that are seriously hard and I can’t tackle yet, that actually matter to overcome, like eventually offer some unique and useful troop rewards directly as proof of power, or unlock new features that are only accessible at high power levels, and actually matter to the gameplay, instead of just offering another stat point for grinding a lot.

Thanks for reading I hope my feedback does contribute a little bit to improve the game further going forward.


You play gems way too much if you hit level 1000 in three months!

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100 hours of game play over 5 weeks is the same as 100 hours of game play over 5 months. Since the OP is speaking only to his experiences game play wise. Not so much length of time of “fun”.

I think you’re using your own experience with GoW from the ancient times before 4x and all sorts of xp multipliers.
1k in 3 months is really not that abnormal anymore.
I’d say 1/100 new players get to 1k that fast if they end up playing for 90 days.

I would say this is the core of the issue. After certain teams are assembled you pretty much have enough power to beat whatever poses as a challenge. Sure, some events like killing towers or Zuul’Goth will at least put a little challenge regarding troop selection for your teams, but essentially the closer you get to become an endgamer the less you have to worry with such events unless you really want to grind everything up to Mythic Rarity/Max Kingdon Power.

New troops in this game became less fun because basically you just need some empowered troops, some fast exploder, and you can setup your mana. We interact less and less with the board these days.

“But you can choose to make a team which interacts more if you want!”
And by doing that we sacrifice more of our free time available to any activity outside the game.

“Then play the game less.”
Imagine if everyone does that, it means the game eventually dies because it’s not profitable anymore and I believe the devs would want to avoid such scenario.

Supposedly 5.0 will bring something new to the game. And I hope it’s really new, not something new (knock off of the current events).


Isn’t this what Level 500 Pure Faction Delve runs are for - the challenge?
(I mean they kind of miss the rewards part and it sure would be nice if there was some sort of marker for L500PF completed without potions…)

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Fun challenging gameplay… it would be hard since the only 2 ways we see that boost difficulty is enemies with hundreds of level and team restriction

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I don’t have easy solutions either, but aside from completely new content I would try to improve on the guild wars - make them more competitive, engaging and rewarding.

I don’t know how they seed the brackets, but in our bracket (around 25-30) we were the only fully active guild and had no competition for the #1 spot.
Same in the bracket above and below, one fully active guild steamrolling all the others that obviously have not been fully active.

IMO they should try to pair guilds with similar power AND activity levels up so it becomes much more competitive no matter how active or strong your guild is.

Also rework the rewards please, they seem really outdated and pretty meaningless unless you’re in a top 10 guild. A few more gems are welcome of course, but the difference between finishing at rank 101 and rank 999, or even 10300 for that matter, is miniscule.

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Guild wars is the only thing that has ever been fun for me. The whole game was just grinding until the next wars. It has always needed to be fixed since I started a couple years ago.