Gems of Streaming

Warn me when you go live next time! I don’t care how. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never check my dang Twitter often enough. ;-;

When I read the 4.4 changes for the game it’s the first time I feel happy Switch version is lightyears behind.

Dailies where the one and only thing in the game that forced me into trying out different team setups and using troops I would not have played and get to know otherwise.
Snotstone was a welcome event for getting rewards while grinding the game (kind of a compensation for grinding boredom).
The “adventure tasks” seem to force me into specialized teams which will be the same over and over again (depending on the task).

But I don’t know nothing - we’ll see what happens.

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Quick update!

18th June 6 30 PM PDT: Dev Q and A! Sirrian and Nimhain will grace us on stream once more with a set of talking points, and will answer follow up questions. At the end there will also be an open floor for you to ask whatever you would like! (Please note that you must be on the stream to ask questions as we won’t accept any here. However, we will likely cover A LOT of what you will ask prior to the open floor when Sirrian and Nimhain go through their list of things they want to chat about.)

Will there be a summary post afterwords and/or will the stream be available to watch on the twitch channel when it’s over? Some of us will be at work during the stream.

I believe the stream will be available to watch on the Twitch channel afterwards, which is what normally happens; afaik Salty doesn’t do summary posts.


Righto. Thanks

I’ll write up a summary post during the stream for the community.


Can I say I really appreciate you doing that for us Lyrian! Thank you☺️


Once again, because I am not in the same timezone as you, I won’t be able to ask those questions, and I have many. Can I send some questions in private, but only two?

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It would be great if there will be a possibility to ask questions beforehand but I doubt it. In the past, we were able to do it and such a possibility was removed.
I also live in a bad timezone for the stream but I’m really tired of silence about ‘create/destroy gem’ weapon upgrades which cripples some weapons (particularly Doomed weapons). So my plan is to wake up at 4:30am, try to ask this particular question about these harmful weapon upgrades and then try to sleep 1 hour before I need to go to work. I will be quite sleepy at work during that day, but as I said I’m just tired of silence about that matter after the partial fix to harmful weapon upgrades half a year ago.

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Thank you @Lyrian!

I plan to ask/spam this question as well. (well, just for the Doomed weapons)

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Where is the weekly event post?

If not - Post your question(s) here in the hope that someone else will ask on your behalf if they think it’s relevant/worth asking


That’s wrong. Streams are at 11:30am AEST, which is 6:30pm PDT – at the moment.

Please insert more coffee.

At least 6 more coffees please.

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Okay then. I’ll post three most relevant questions for me and skip the rest, because I could really use some feedback on these.

Question 1: (already suggested in the Suggestion section - Campaign Story relived)

Do you plan to include the option the replay already completed Campaign missions, all 34 of them, and if you do, when?

Question 2: (already suggested in the Suggestion section - Pet availability reworked)

Do you plan to rework or improve the Pet Event Screen, for example, when you get a pet, will you be able to choose between the default one in the middle, one on the left and one on the right (of the same color type), but for a small Gem payment?

Question 3: (already suggested in the Suggestion section - Weekly Challenge Task)

Will the Weekly Challenge suggestion still be relevant now that the Daily Tasks will be reworked soon in the Update 4.4, and if it’s still relevant, will it be adjusted or changed in such a way to be similar with what I had in mind?

That’s all. :smile: